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The NFL wasn't letting Tom Brady's jersey get away.

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1077 ESPN2 hours ago

Tired of commercial breaks during NFL games?

Roger Goodell has a plan to help reduce them, along with an instructional video that will show players what celebrations are appropriate and inappropriate.

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1077 ESPN2 hours ago

New helmet design created by Mississippi State could lead to fewer head injuries.

Get the details on how rams and woodpeckers could help the game of football:

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1077 ESPN3 hours ago

Bryce Alford, coach's son and social media target, is finally content

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1077 ESPN shared Saturday Down South's photo.4 hours ago

Photo - It's been sweet to be an SEC fan since 2000.

Who said we were just a football conference?

David Harold Melton This pic isn't right at all. 1996 Mississippi State went to the final four. They lost to Kentucky who won the whole thing that year. Somebody needs to do fact check
Ben Barnett Apparently Mississippi State skipped the sweet sixteen on its way to the final four in 96. I think that's the more amazing stat of this graphic
Terry Powell I figure from Alabama on down the list says that. Plus Missouri and A&M just joined the conference a few years ago
Dan Moyers Quite clear: football conference, with one school that wishes they were in a basketball conference. I wouldve never guessed 5 times for us since 2000 tho. Wouldve said 3 or 4. Cool.
Mike Johnson Arkansas had one this year until the refs took over at the end of the game vs. Carolina.
Justin Amrhein So... three good basketball teams in the whole conference. Kind of like the Big 10 and football.
Jerry Pitts FYI. Mississippi State went to a Final Four. I don't know for sure but I believe they has to get to the Sweet 16 first.
Michael Stivender It's safe to say the SEC isn't a power house in anything when it comes to basketball....
P.J. Hughes Outside of UK And maybe UF, those aren't very good numbers.
Josh Garner And UGA has two first team All SEC players and AD McGarity lets Fox continue to suck
Bobby Teague Jesus H Christ, doesn't ANYBODY on here have any reading comprehension skills?? It says SINCE 2000!!! Yet everybody keeps bringing up old sh*t from before then. Reading is fundamental people. This is why people think those from the South are dumb as rocks. Y'all kinda proving them right with this..😑😑
Beau Golden Too bad they picked the year the Arkansas program crashed and burned.
Hayden Williams I'd put a question mark next to all 5 of Tennessee's appearances. They got away with a ton of crap over the years
Heath O'Barr Arkansas Men's Basketball has been in the final 4 in 1941, 1945, 1978, 1990, 1994(Champ), 1995.
Brian Harris the sec has 3 teams in the sweet 16 arkansas was almost the 4th. but the account is better
Alex Dorr All these comments are are people saying "But my team did in 90 something" and another person commenting saying "Since 2000"
Jason Spears Bill Thurlow One may be the loneliest number, but zero is the saddest.
Brandon Crow Lucas Rumler yea definitely not basketball schools lol
Jay Fuller A&M will make it 3 next year. Williams SEC Def POY returning and great incoming class.
Lincoln Riley Well considering Arkansas won the 94 championship, I would assume them to have appeared in the sweet 16.....WPS
Blake McCratic When Arkansas keeps going up against UNC in the second round, it does make it more difficult
Jake Guidry What about that Arkansas team with Corlis Williamson? They got bounced early? Somebody school me.
Jim Barkley Wait, Dawgs did play in the Final Four under Hugh Durham in Albuquerque in 1983. NC State won it all under Coach V🏀
Stephen Whitlock *** inclides seasons they weren't in the SEC so ... Missouri, Texas A&M shouldn't be counted before 2011 ....
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1077 ESPN5 hours ago

Free-agent RB Christine Michael agrees to rejoin the Green Bay Packers.

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1077 ESPN5 hours ago

Hokies' success on offense in 2017 starts on the ground

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1077 ESPN5 hours ago

Petersen killed Tiffani Grissett, Cameron Paul Eubanks, and Thomas Robins Jr., and also wounded Scotty Russell. More:

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1077 ESPN6 hours ago

NASCAR mourns the loss of 1970 DAYTONA 500 Winner Pete Hamilton.

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1077 ESPN6 hours ago

Auburn believes the light may finally have come on for Byron Cowart.

Will the former five-star recruit ever live up to his hype?

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Dothan Eagle4 hours ago

Estimates to renovate the house, add functionality, make it compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act and repair the driveway neared $600,000. More:

Steven Ray Vaughan Nicole Vaughan Jimmy Vaughan just in time for a good anniversary celebration
Dothan Eagle
Dothan Eagle6 hours ago

All eligible first responders need to register online at by May 22 to receive the specially designed medal. More:

Tripp Little I'm good lol ty thought
Sandra Copley Tripp Little
Jennifer Bowley Falkner Heard
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Dothan Eagle8 hours ago

More than 200 people participated in the event. Check out the story and photos of all the fun, here:

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Dothan Eagle10 hours ago

Congratulations to the Super 12 honorees! More:

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Dothan Eagle12 hours ago

On Tuesday, Sears Holdings investors were warned that Sears and Kmart may not stay in business, but that doesn't impact Sears Hometown Stores.