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For more than 16 years, sports fans have been waking up with Mike Greenberg – half of ESPN Radio’s weekday morning Mike & Mike, the perfect sports fan complement to his ex-jock co-host former NFLer Mike Golic.  The show (6 – 10 a.m. ET), simulcast on ESPN2 since 2005, is available on ESPN Radio, ESPNradio.com, ESPN app, SiriusXM and ESPN affiliates across the country.

In April 2016, Greenberg and Golic were inducted into the National Association of  Broadcasters Broadcasting Hall of Fame and are now among an esteemed group that includes Paul Harvey, Vin Scully, Harry Caray and Orson Welles.

“Greeny,” as he is called, joined ESPN in September 1996 as an anchor for the November launch of ESPNEWS. He later anchored SportsCenter for many years, even long after Mike & Mike launched on January 3, 2000.

Playing off their many “Oscar and Felix-like” differences – passionate fan and journalism grad vs. NFL lineman, health nut and germ-a-phobe vs. burly man of prodigious appetite – Greenberg and Golic have parlayed their winning formula to team on a variety of events:

  • 11 appearances on Late Night with David Letterman.
  • Announced and played in Legends Game at Yankees Stadium in 2008 and St. Louis in 2009
  • Appeared as “guest conductors” at Wrigley Field, leading Cubs fans in singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” multiple times
  • Appeared in two motion pictures with Golic, Valentine’s Day and Just Wright
  • Served as guest emcee at White House Tee Ball game on the South Lawn and attended official White House dinner in July 2008
  • In-stadium announcers for Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby in 2013 and 2014

The duo have also appeared on other ESPN shows and outlets: the weekly Mike & Mike’s Best of the NFL on ESPN, a primetime special on ESPN, Mike & Mike at Night; as themselves in an ESPN prime-time scripted drama (TILT); hosting a summer prime-time bowling series featuring pro athletes (League Night); and online as star characters in ESPN.com’s Sports Emmy Award-winning “Off Mikes” animated comedy series.

It is through the morning radio show, however, that Greenberg has become best known.  The program was first simulcast on ESPNEWS in 2004 and moved to ESPN2 in January 2005.

Greenberg has also been part of ESPN Radio major feats: along with co-host Golic they staged the network’s largest-ever promotion – “Mike & Mike’s Marriage Madness” — in which 500 couples applied for the chance to be married on the show.

In 2007, Greenberg’s first book, Why My Wife Thinks I’m an Idiot, spent five weeks on the N.Y. Times Best Sellers list and was nominated for a Quill Award.  It was the humorous self-deprecating account of his life as sports fan and husband.

In April 2010, Greenberg, along with Golic, released Mike & Mike’s Rules for Sports and Lifewhich reached number 3 on the N.Y. Times Best Sellers List.


Mike Golic, half of ESPN Radio’s weekday morning Mike & Mike, plays the role of ex-jock, former NFLer to Mike Greenberg. The show (6 – 10 a.m. ET), simulcast on TV since 2004, is available on ESPN Radio and ESPN affiliates across the country.

“Golic,” as he is referred to, joined ESPN in 1995 as an NFL studio analyst on NFL 2Night and later on NFL Live and also worked as color commentator for the Arena Football League (1996-98, 2007-08) and ESPN/ABC college football games until the mid-nineties.

Golic is a nine-year NFL veteran, playing defensive tackle for the Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins. During his seven years in Philadelphia, he began his television career with a weekly segment on the Randall Cunningham Show. He received a Mid-Atlantic Region Emmy Award for his feature “Golic’s Got It.”

Golic and Greenberg have parlayed their winning formula to team on a variety of ESPN TV and radio programs:

  • Co-host with Greenberg, Mike & Mike’s Best of the NFL on ESPN
  • Announced and played in Legends Game at Yankees Stadium in 2008 and St. Louis in 2009
  • Appeared as “guest conductors” at Wrigley Field, leading Cubs fans in singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” multiple times
  • Appeared in two motion pictures with Greenberg, Valentine’s Day and Just Wright
  • Served as guest emcee at White House Tee Ball game on the South Lawn and attended official White House dinner in July 2008
  • Received Sports Emmy in new-media category — Achievement in Content for Non-Traditional Delivery

In 2016, Golic was inducted into the National Association of  Broadcasters Broadcasting Hall of Fame with his Mike & Mike co-host, Greenberg

In April 2010, Golic, along with Greenberg, released Mike & Mike’s Rules for Sports and Lifewhich reached number 3 on the N.Y. Times Best Sellers List.

Golic and Greeny teamed with Steve Young in 2009 to call the San Diego Chargers-Oakland Raiders game as part of ESPN’s season-opening Monday Night Football doubleheader.

Golic has also been part of ESPN Radio major feats: along with co-host Greenberg they staged the network’s largest-ever promotion – “Mike & Mike’s Marriage Madness” — in which 500 couples applied for the chance to be married on the show. In 2012 and 2013, the Mike & Mike’s Best of the NFL weekly highlights show aired on ESPN, and in 2014, Mike & Mike: NFL Rankedaired in 2014.

In December 2005, the Mikes were featured in ESPN Radio’s first national, broadcast promos.

Born December 12, 1962, Golic is a 1985 graduate of the University of Notre Dame where he served as captain of the football team during his senior season and wrestled. Golic is married with three children.

Mike and Mike
Mike and Mike1 hour ago

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell explains how the league handles policies pertaining to players such as Jabrill Peppers and Reuben Foster who handed in diluted samples and were drafted in the first round.

Bryan Andrew O'connor I'm not familiar with the particulars with Peppers sample but Rueben Fosters should be thrown out and HD should be retested, the NFL Doctors and Trainers were pumping him full of IV fluids and making him drink a ton of water the entire night before the Combine and then sent him to the hospital because he had the flu. You can't allow YOUR EMPLOYEES to overhudrate a kid then punish him because his urine is diluted.... Thats like your wife giving your 5 year a cookie and then you spanking him for eating it. Thats,at the very least setting the kid up for failure. Throw it out and retest.
Nathan Greydanus 🏀 gamble with me . cavs warriors repeat in finals cause of sweep in first round. Also @kelseyplum 🙂 lets chat.. nfl draft amd drugs ... booo sad to hear bad things in the sports world. i mean its good to hear the news about it but bad ... to see something like that happen
Jeff Sterio Hey roger... you talk about how bad marijuana is for players... opiates are the way to go????? #geteducated
George Ostrowski Take marijuana off the list already.
Chris Eckenrod why are you guys afraid too ask him harball questions?
Karan Grosch Kunz Goodell is a joke
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Mike and Mike1 day ago

Will the Cleveland Browns take Mitchell Trubisky #1?

Bernard Mayles Cleveland should play Oswilder for a year and draft for other needs this year. Get QB next year. Can wait on QB because they ain't a playoff contender yet. Beef up offensive line and defense. Run the ball and dink and dunk passing game.
Bryan Andrew O'connor Why does Greeny keep saying Trubisky only has 13 games experience... No he only has 13 games started, he's played in 30 games in college. He actually has more games played in than most of the top drafted Qbs in the last 20 years. That being said.... He shouldn't be the #1 overall pick, they should take Myles Garrett or the Adams kid from LSU and either trade up and get Trubisky or take who's left at 12. Yes they have a ton of picks but they also NEED alot of players.
Robert Brush It does not matter who they draft because whoever gets drafted by the Browns has no other option other than being a bust. They have the worst front office in professional sports and they have the worst roster. While there is no place to go but up, they will probably still find a way to get worse.
John Register The Cleveland Browns are quite libel to do anything, especially if it makes no sense. They will continue to be awful no matter who they draft.
Kevin Benner Moronic. Feel sad for browns fans. They keep getting high picks and instead of building weapons for the quarterback. They just keep drafting a QB and throw him in there with no weapons, or offensive line. No wonder they can't do any good.
Freddy White I've heard Greenberg say "according to plan" at least three times in 20 minutes. According to who's plan? These "experts" have no clue what a team should do. That's why they're all losing their jobs.
Kyle Lenski I personally feel they should trade out of the number one pick... Lure a big teams 20 something first round pick and next year's... That's the beauty of also having a 12th pick
Kevin Bush Yes they will, as they should! When you guys put up this mock draft it would nice if you posted the players position, not just their name! C'mon Man!
Damien Edwards man they find a guy and pump him up...Who did this guy play against? NObody.....come on ...but he's better than the CLEMSON QB....I wonder why? we all know why
Tom Greetan This isn't about the Browns or Trubisky. it's ESPN, for months everyone knew Myles Garrett will go #1 and this morning everyone said it wouldn't why? ratings and drama and fake reporting they may get Trubisky also but not with number 1 overall and i hope they turn out good for the Browns and they become a good team.
Nick Phenix They have a baseball guy making the decisions, which is why they are the worst franchise in the league, and which is why I wouldn't be surprised if they made that mistake
Ben Kraus Riddick's intellect as an espn personality is like him explaining quantum physics while a bunch of cavemen yell at fire. He's in his own league
Ken Harris That would be one of the most ridiculous Browns things any team could do! In fact it's so extremely Browns that I doubt even the Browns would do something that Browns!
John Schmidt History points to this being a huge mistake from numerous standpoints. Cleveland qb picks have crashed and burned examples Quinn, Couch, Manzeil. Hometown heroes rarely make good. One college season qb's have not been successful examples Akili Smith, Mark "Butt Fumble" Sanchez. Cleveland needs to pick best player available not "the sexy" pick
Ernie Gibbs III Why did Cleveland pick up the seven foot scrub from Houston.Every pick they make defies sound logic.I wouldn't be suprised if they went after a long snapper in the first round.
Garry Keith Harden They're the worst team for the past 10 years, they need to take best available player regardless of position. They couldn't go the playoffs if Joe Money was in the draft. Let Osweiler start, use your draft picks to prepare properly a multi year plan.
Mike Zeitman If the Browns select a QB early and he is not the Kid who twice beat the #1 defense in the country in the biggest game of the year then they deserve the title that they already have .. " The worst run organization in pro sports" The Padres and the Jets laugh at the Browns.
Randy Snelling Good Bye Mike and Mike ESPN fired the wrong people I will no longer watch ESPN or buy or use products advertised on ESPN and I will tell everyone I know why. I will encourage them to do the same. Hello Fox. I hope Kanell and the rest land at Fox. Adios
Cruz Percival if u are forced to trade up for trubisky u give away some of the ammo you have in the next 2 drafts... garrett had 4.5 sacks vs texas san antonio.. 0 sacks in 3 games vs bama... draft is defensively stacked browns would be better getting their qb and taking 1 of the other talented defenders
Rob Osik You fire Jayson Stark but keep Stephen A. Smith and wonder why people aren't tuning in anymore.
Manfred Schulze In it's quest to become 'the worldwide leader', ESPN ultimately became so big that it consumed itself. It sacrificed quality for quantity, and now many are feeling the effect. Evidently, seniority means nothing, because a solid college basketball analyst like Len Elmore was let go, while a mediocre analyst like Seth Greenberg was retained. I wonder who made the decision on who to keep and on who to let go-the same people that signed off on sideline reporters, or talk show after talk show for 12 hours, or having rappers on giving their opinions on sports? It seems to me maybe the wrong people have gotten the axe-more people at the top have to be held accountable for the demise of the network-but it seldom works that way.
Ian Bone I think Trubisky will be there at #12 if they really want him.
George Mitchell A good way to find out is after the Browns make the first pick.
Jeff Saccomani NFL News: Monday May 1st 2017, The Cleveland Browns are on the Clock for the 2018 Draft!
Don Minnick No. Trubisky deserves to play on a team where he has a chance to succeed in the NFL. Cleveland is not that team.
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Mike and Mike was live.2 days ago

ESPN Senior Baseball Writer Keith Law sits down with our researcher Hembo to discuss his new book "Smart Baseball."

Luke Hutchison You mentioned earlier the decreased reluctance of teams to pay high strike out home tun guys. What about Pedro Alvarez and Chris Carter?
Dan Stanczyk Should the Blue Jays start selling after their horrible start?
Luke Hutchison Mr. Law! Reading your books are what got me interested in baseball while I was growing up! I just want to say thank you!
Luke Hutchison I just want to know where we are as far as creating a more definitive defensive statistic?
Dan Stanczyk Speaking of Machado, where are you on him vs. Pedroia?
Mitch Reilly Do you see the jeter-bush purchase of the Marlins changing the landscape of the NL east? If so, why?
Tim Mask I shall really miss the jayson stark trivia segments.
Thomas M. Nye I have to find out online that espn is pulling the plug on the Mike & Mike Show. For at least the past 5 years they were the only reason I tuned into espn. Now that they are gonna be history, I can erase this channel from my memory. I watched espn from the very beginning! But it has become unwatchable in the past 5-6 yrs, I wonder why? Anyhow, good luck with your future endeavors Golic..
Michael Umphred Should the METS trade David Wright
Jim Clark Only 14,000 last night in Cleveland!
Jim Clark #RollTribe
Mel Blank Smart baseball is.... 'filling the stands'... A team doesn't need to win. They just need to have what the fans want to see... Take Seattle, for instance... When Sweet Lou was here, even during his building years, all games were sold out. You could NOT get a seat at Safeco... His players loved him. The fans loved him. Sure, there were some big name players, but Lou is the guy that put it all together. NOW? You can't give a seat away...
Mikey Dangelo Jr Since his layoff what will you do to replace jayson starks trivia M&M?
Manfred Schulze I just saw where ESPN has done some more major housecleaning in a attempt to salvage a failing network. I wonder if the Mikes will touch on any of the layoffs tomorrow-probably not because 1.They are in Philadelphia for the NFL draft 2. Their bosses probably told them 'No Way' or 3.People on this side of the screen could see it coming years ago and they don't want to give anybody credit for being ahead of the curve other than their peers. Wasn't it inevitable? Any coach or player that retired was immediately hired as an analyst if they could put 4 words together-some that couldn't. 8 or 9 people at one NCAA tournament game. Who knows HOW many research people feeding mainly useless stats or stories about players and coaches into the ears of the broadcasters while the game they were supposed to be announcing was rapidly passing them by. And ESPN, I don't whose bright idea it was to incorporate sideline reporters into broadcasts, but they are WITHOUT QUESTION the single most useless employees you utilize. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw one-stopping a coach on the way to the lockerroom. And I know the coaches couldn't believe it either-but they do it because TV pays their salaries. I've said it many times-ESPN outlived it's usefulness 20 years ago-but some people are a tough sell.
Jimmy Dempsey Researcher hosting shows now
Mike and Mike
Mike and Mike2 days ago

Are the playoffs less interesting now that Westbrook and the Thunder are done?

Nietz Anthony Nope,glad he's out. He doesn't help his teammates be better,but he does make the team better. All the other players just stand and watch. That's why they're always cold,he takes the majority of the thunders shots. No wonder KD left!
Rob Osik They were never in the playoffs in the first place! I know ESPN will not allow you to acknowledge this but there are only 2 teams in the NBA playoffs. The Warriors and Cavs. Very bad product.
Garrat McCullough The playoffs are just uninteresting in basketball. You know who's going to be in the Finals already, you have a good idea who will probably win the Finals. We're just looking at who Cleveland and Golden State have to get through to make it part 3. Which is a problem for the NBA, because the regular season is unwatchable, and the playoffs are becoming the same way.
James Fehlker I don't know how Westbrook being out of the playoffs makes the playoffs any worse? He's an interesting player to watch IF you like the game to be full of an over abundant amount of forced shots and relentless amounts of dribbling where passes could be made to his teammates... (he forgot they were there)... Also, Russ isn't Lebron or Jordan or even Magic... he isn't going to singlehandedly win a championship. He needs to adjust his game to accept the use of all his team and understand that triple doubles are good on paper, but at the end of the day the W is what matters. I'm not sure he gets that concept. It will be more of the same next season and the one after that, with a possible playoff spot for OKC and then they are sitting at home after the first round...
Jerob Oak Westbrook def need a hobby, other than dressing like a goon. Needs to slow down a step, and he'll be fine. And, he's not a shooter, but a pg...start acting like it. He's a better Chris Paul, but do u ever c Chris Paul winning in the playoffs? Not at all. Score first pgs r out of date, doesn't do anything for the team. Ask Durant, he's over there laughing
Dan Fink Totally agree! He's a superstar and one of the top players in the game. It just sucks they don't have enough players around him that are able to do more, which forces him to play so many minutes and then try doing too much and take too many forced shots, cause lack of confidence in the rest of the team.
Bud Hill Hell no! That was so ugly. You know, those were not triple doubles, I'm betting most of those 3-d's, also included at least 10 or more missed shots as well. Check it...
Dennis Huckabee One of ESPNs pets is out. That's always good. If The Jazz gets rid of The Clippers that would be great too. If Raptors or Bucks take out the Cavs this round and they don't make ECF, that would be awesome too.
Jamie 'Mantis' Anderson for all the haters that say he's a ball hog and doesn't pass the ball... i'll just leave the top 3 assist leaders in the season here for you.... Harden 11.8 assists in 36.29 mins a game Wall 10.7 assists in 36.21 mins a game W/Brook 10.4 assists in 34.35 mins a game awww and he plays 2mins less a game. plus / minus of - 40 points when he's off the court too.... your comments are redundant.
Tom Coahran Maybe - name a team that has been successful in the playoffs with such a dominant player !!! Sure he gets 40 pts but how many shots were taken ? How many good shots - how many forced ? These teams typically do not develop the "team" and have a cast of players who can also be successful in such a system. He is a talented and entertaining player but ___---
Brian Stevens Less interesting with a team gone that only won 1 game? The King, the warriors, the Spurs, the Celtics are still here along with several other good teams and great players, but they are going to be less interesting with a 1-3 team gone? That makes about as much sense as wiping before you poop.
Michael Keating Geez, ESPN is doing everything they can to hand him the MVP. Triple double watch. Constant highlights. He should be Player of the Year, but MVP could easily also go to Harden, Leonard, or I Thomas as well
Ken Mercurio Amazing how many haters there are out there hiding behind their transparent firewalls and fake basketball guru facades. Can any of you play the game? SHUT UP!
Dan Boyd I don't know why. Everybody knows Westbrook is never gonna win a championship. There's a guy who fits an "I" into the word team!
Mike Van Hook No, it's always nice to see new bodies in there. There were 16 teams that started out. Whoever is left is irreverent. Good basketball is just that, whoever it is that is on the court.
Ken Alford True but he forced a lot of shots last night in the fourth when it was a very close game. Needs to know when he is tired or off and make his teammates step up.
Darrell Martin No. Neither Michael Jordan nor LeBron could win it all alone. It's proof the team concept is superior to "give me the ball".
Sean Virgin Nope, just proves 1 player isn't the whole team. Whole team has to play their part to win. Plus they werent going to adbance or win the title anyways.
Larry Holland Utterly, but that's the way it goes. Still plenty of interest, at least in watching basketball in general. Not in the outcomes. We know it is 90% gonna be Cavs-Warriors, and 75% if it gets there that GSW wins.
John Schmidt I also hope for some reason, whatever it may be, no Cleveland/Golden State. In the free spending $portsworld, exact repeat championships should NOT be happening
Michael Todd Phillips I feel bad he's not going future into the playoffs, but Cmon!!! We all knew it was going to happen.... The Celtics are not going to the finals either..
George Keefe The worl we live in these days were ppl criticize you for not holding your teammates hands and actually taking charge....he gets his teammates involved he averages a triple double, with assists so atleast over 10 times a game....westbrook is great, and the last of a dying breed and the newschool softies cant handle him
John Schmidt The Big "O" did his triple double statics in the same length season but no 3's. The stat that OKC completely stank with Westbrook on the bench only solidifies the selfishness of Westbrook 3's
Eric Lang No, we are tired of the over emphasis on his individual stats!!!! Why aren't people more pointing out his shot selection and astonishing low FG% in the 4th?!?! Why aren't we talking about how pitiful they looked once Billy benched Kanter? His production per minutes played is absolutely incredible!!
Donnie Wyant Hopefully it won't be as predicted but it's L.James last finals with Cleveland,there hard nose dive late in the season and his passive aggressive complaints about needing help is interesting.
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Mike and Mike2 days ago

Tim Legler says Rajon Rondo will give the Chicago Bulls a psychological lift if he plays in Game 5, but Rondo won't be able to beat the Boston Celtics as a two-way player like he did in the first two games of the series.

Dan Watson First two games were an admiration. CELTICS roll the next two games...
George Zapata ruled out for game 5
50 ago
"I’m glad he’s on my team and not [against us] in our division – I’ll tell you that much."

-Carson Wentz https://t.co/iKvpIYVptx
MikeAndMike photo
1 hour ago
Special thanks to @nflcommish for dropping by @ChickiesnPetes to hang with us today. Catch the last half hour of the show NOW on ESPN2. https://t.co/UVuQHRyIQR MikeAndMike photo
1 hour ago
On marijuana use in NFL:

"We’ve been studying with medical advisors & to date they haven’t said this is a change we need to make."
-Goodell https://t.co/ydXheWYQoJ
MikeAndMike photo
2 hours ago
“I was more surprised by the run on wide receivers than by the trade up for the quarterbacks.”

-Greeny https://t.co/f8iYhHA4a3
MikeAndMike photo
2 hours ago
Houston is a quarterback away from being a Super Bowl-calibar team. Did they make a move toward that last night by drafting Watson?

-Greeny https://t.co/njFPdo4IWw
MikeAndMike photo
3 hours ago
"He is a hustle guy, he is running, making plays – Philly is going to love this guy."

-Golic https://t.co/hVK9OTGATC
MikeAndMike photo
4 hours ago
Trubisky and Mahomes were the first 2 off the board despite 21 combined college wins. Watson, the 3rd QB off the board, had 32 career wins.
4 hours ago
Each of the top 20 players selected in the #NFLDraft last night were multi-sport athletes in high school.