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For more than 16 years, sports fans have been waking up with Mike Greenberg – half of ESPN Radio’s weekday morning Mike & Mike, the perfect sports fan complement to his ex-jock co-host former NFLer Mike Golic.  The show (6 – 10 a.m. ET), simulcast on ESPN2 since 2005, is available on ESPN Radio, ESPNradio.com, ESPN app, SiriusXM and ESPN affiliates across the country.

In April 2016, Greenberg and Golic were inducted into the National Association of  Broadcasters Broadcasting Hall of Fame and are now among an esteemed group that includes Paul Harvey, Vin Scully, Harry Caray and Orson Welles.

“Greeny,” as he is called, joined ESPN in September 1996 as an anchor for the November launch of ESPNEWS. He later anchored SportsCenter for many years, even long after Mike & Mike launched on January 3, 2000.

Playing off their many “Oscar and Felix-like” differences – passionate fan and journalism grad vs. NFL lineman, health nut and germ-a-phobe vs. burly man of prodigious appetite – Greenberg and Golic have parlayed their winning formula to team on a variety of events:

  • 11 appearances on Late Night with David Letterman.
  • Announced and played in Legends Game at Yankees Stadium in 2008 and St. Louis in 2009
  • Appeared as “guest conductors” at Wrigley Field, leading Cubs fans in singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” multiple times
  • Appeared in two motion pictures with Golic, Valentine’s Day and Just Wright
  • Served as guest emcee at White House Tee Ball game on the South Lawn and attended official White House dinner in July 2008
  • In-stadium announcers for Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby in 2013 and 2014

The duo have also appeared on other ESPN shows and outlets: the weekly Mike & Mike’s Best of the NFL on ESPN, a primetime special on ESPN, Mike & Mike at Night; as themselves in an ESPN prime-time scripted drama (TILT); hosting a summer prime-time bowling series featuring pro athletes (League Night); and online as star characters in ESPN.com’s Sports Emmy Award-winning “Off Mikes” animated comedy series.

It is through the morning radio show, however, that Greenberg has become best known.  The program was first simulcast on ESPNEWS in 2004 and moved to ESPN2 in January 2005.

Greenberg has also been part of ESPN Radio major feats: along with co-host Golic they staged the network’s largest-ever promotion – “Mike & Mike’s Marriage Madness” — in which 500 couples applied for the chance to be married on the show.

In 2007, Greenberg’s first book, Why My Wife Thinks I’m an Idiot, spent five weeks on the N.Y. Times Best Sellers list and was nominated for a Quill Award.  It was the humorous self-deprecating account of his life as sports fan and husband.

In April 2010, Greenberg, along with Golic, released Mike & Mike’s Rules for Sports and Lifewhich reached number 3 on the N.Y. Times Best Sellers List.


Mike Golic, half of ESPN Radio’s weekday morning Mike & Mike, plays the role of ex-jock, former NFLer to Mike Greenberg. The show (6 – 10 a.m. ET), simulcast on TV since 2004, is available on ESPN Radio and ESPN affiliates across the country.

“Golic,” as he is referred to, joined ESPN in 1995 as an NFL studio analyst on NFL 2Night and later on NFL Live and also worked as color commentator for the Arena Football League (1996-98, 2007-08) and ESPN/ABC college football games until the mid-nineties.

Golic is a nine-year NFL veteran, playing defensive tackle for the Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins. During his seven years in Philadelphia, he began his television career with a weekly segment on the Randall Cunningham Show. He received a Mid-Atlantic Region Emmy Award for his feature “Golic’s Got It.”

Golic and Greenberg have parlayed their winning formula to team on a variety of ESPN TV and radio programs:

  • Co-host with Greenberg, Mike & Mike’s Best of the NFL on ESPN
  • Announced and played in Legends Game at Yankees Stadium in 2008 and St. Louis in 2009
  • Appeared as “guest conductors” at Wrigley Field, leading Cubs fans in singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” multiple times
  • Appeared in two motion pictures with Greenberg, Valentine’s Day and Just Wright
  • Served as guest emcee at White House Tee Ball game on the South Lawn and attended official White House dinner in July 2008
  • Received Sports Emmy in new-media category — Achievement in Content for Non-Traditional Delivery

In 2016, Golic was inducted into the National Association of  Broadcasters Broadcasting Hall of Fame with his Mike & Mike co-host, Greenberg

In April 2010, Golic, along with Greenberg, released Mike & Mike’s Rules for Sports and Lifewhich reached number 3 on the N.Y. Times Best Sellers List.

Golic and Greeny teamed with Steve Young in 2009 to call the San Diego Chargers-Oakland Raiders game as part of ESPN’s season-opening Monday Night Football doubleheader.

Golic has also been part of ESPN Radio major feats: along with co-host Greenberg they staged the network’s largest-ever promotion – “Mike & Mike’s Marriage Madness” — in which 500 couples applied for the chance to be married on the show. In 2012 and 2013, the Mike & Mike’s Best of the NFL weekly highlights show aired on ESPN, and in 2014, Mike & Mike: NFL Rankedaired in 2014.

In December 2005, the Mikes were featured in ESPN Radio’s first national, broadcast promos.

Born December 12, 1962, Golic is a 1985 graduate of the University of Notre Dame where he served as captain of the football team during his senior season and wrestled. Golic is married with three children.

Mike and Mike
Mike and Mike4 hours ago

The NFL wasn't letting Tom Brady's jersey get away.

Wayne Borstad Brady's jersey being found makes all the other problems we currently have in this world disappear, doesn't it? SMH
Steve Longstreet That's right, only Roger can steal from Brady.
Chris Eckenrod Way to go on the softball questions this morning
Bertha Nelson 👹😈👹😈👹😈
Mike and Mike
Mike and Mike7 hours ago

Tired of commercial breaks during NFL games?

Roger Goodell has a plan to help reduce them, along with an instructional video that will show players what celebrations are appropriate and inappropriate.

Daniel Plotkin So fewer breaks, but those breaks will be longer, that's good. It means that once there is a commercial break you'll have enough time to go to the bathroom, grab a sandwich, perform major surgery, rehab an old Chevy and give your buddy a ride to the airport, before the game is back on.
Jackson M Prather The only celebrations I don't like are those which promote violence like the throat slash. Otherwise let them celebrate. The play clock limits them. Getting mad because the other guy beat you is part of games. While I agree that some celebrations seem disrespectful I have no problem with finding out who the poor sports are.
Rusty Allen Instructional videos for celebrations? SMH. I find it ironic that soccer takes a beating for being a sport for "wusses", yet they are tough enough to deal with excessive celebrations after a goal, but Football players whine and cry if the other team does an end zone dance after a TD. The NFL is pathetic.
Kevin Thorne Any sexual or violent gesture bad, everything else ok. Wow. Look at the man hours put into that policy. Three strikes policy for corny, cheesy stuff u see in the CFL..boom...done....
Dan Moffitt With all due respect to the fans of Jacksonville and Tennessee, when that pops up on Thursday night, hard pass. Those teams are better than my favorite team for sure. But it's just not something I need to see. I'd rather the NFL did away with Thursday night all together. I don't need to see it every night of the week and bad football can be clicked off. Hell im a jets fan. I know that better than everyone
Chris Eckenrod How about fixing the Thursday games? How about the cities that lose a home game because of those dumb London games? Where's the compensation for all those workers in those cities? Wimpy questions today
Bruce Sumner For celebrations - give fifteen seconds, anything not crude or demeaning to opponent goes. Stop being the NoFunLeague. Oh, I've been watching since SB1.
Matthew Gruber The worst commercial break is the post-kickoff following a score break. I would much rather the post-score break be longer than have a team score, go to commercial, kickoff and then go to another commercial. Oh, and Roger That. #GOAT
Mike Fitzpatrick Here's a solution for both Celebrations and boring extra points. Go immediately to commercials after a score, don't wait for a replay or for the special team to come out for the PAT. If something unusual happens show the replay after they come back from commercials. By going to ads right after a score the cameras aren't on immature players who act as if they never scored a TD before AND the dead time of watching the PAT.
Ralph Priest While we are on the subject of commercials,let's start a poll of the most annoying commercials being run on ESPN. I'll start with that damned Gatorade Whey protein bar ad--Gawd I hate it! TV goes to mute everytime.
Mel Blank Changing the world of football... Commercials will change to fit breaks in action during penalties... So many penalties called... If you don't like celebrations... Don't show them... Turn the cameras away... Let the players play!
Chris Maddox Thank God the back to backs will be over. Ive complained for years about, Td commercial kickoff commercial. Doesn't make sense.
Aidan Foley INSTRUCTIONAL celebration videos?!? I can only imagine the "eye rolls" when that gets rolled out for training purposes.
Matt Powe AB won't care he'll celebrate how ever he wants and then pay the fine
Brett Hodgins Just let the players celebrate dickhead. It's what your customers want.
Mark Monroe That idiot will do anything not to take responsibility. He's too conservative and old.
Gabriel Rowe Anthony Seriously? That's your answer to awful Thursday night match ups ? Or to the horrible OT rules ..
Jared Pate Hold the refs accountable. If u never do. Consider the league rigged. Wwe nfl.
Luc Craven My biggest complaint with commercial breaks is when they come back from commercial just to show the kickoff then go right back to commercials again. Really?
Ju Russell An instructional video....now this I gotta see. Prob some uptight dude with no imagination at all.
Jeff Rideout How about an instructional video to show the commissioner how to listen to the fans? 🤔🤔🤔
Cheryl Steve Pogozelski Province Do the TV ratings include the people watching the NFL in the internet or their phones?
Rick Weisenmiller If u have ever been to a non tv game its a world of difference
Michelle Myers BS We hope that you will continue to give us feedback on how we can improve. No link to give POM's.
James Howard funny. Mike and Mike has the most commercial breaks of any radio show i've ever listened to. Also, GREENTURD SUCKS!
Mike and Mike
Mike and Mike1 day ago

Mike Greenberg wants the Jets to get over the fact Christian Hackenberg was a second-round pick last year in order to take Mitchell Trubisky in the draft.

Dave Baldwin Greeny is a doom and gloomer. The kid hasn't thrown a pass in the league and he's a bust???? I applaud the New York Jets for letting him sit the entire year and learn. I hope Hackenberg makes alot of people eat their words. Don't believe all the negative crap that comes out of the New York media. They are just trying to get clicks and sell papers.
Gabriel Carroll Send Hackenberg to the Steelers so he can learn from a winning QB who is a year or two away from retiring... then the Jets can draft another QB who can sit on the sidelines and then won't pan out without throwing a pass... maybe it's not the QBs, it's the system!
Nathan D Smith Mitch might not be there at 6. Although I like Watson and Trubiski, my Bears better take a defensive player since we signed Glennon. Mitch will probably go to San Francisco at #2.
Scott Lennon I had to laugh when these clowns said it was Trumps fault Kaepernick was not being signed to a NFL contract....Maybe the guy just sucks...
Steve Jones Greeny, we don't care about your Jets. Stop talking about them. I love your show but when you start dedicating to time to them I shut you off. It is your show but your listener's don't care!!
Dan Watson You are crazy. ..Deshaun Watson will be better than Mitchell trubisky...Let's bet Michael Greenberg ?????
Calvin Macklin Trubisky will be the next off season build up bust. Are they stupid in the NFL? They keep drinking the cool aid on these out of the blue quaterbacks.
David Jansen Take offensive line or corner. No Qb in this draft worth a 1st round pick especially with the amount of holes the jets have
Mike Fitzpatrick Why not trade #6 for a pick lower in first round and get a couple of twos or a two and a three??? This team needs a TE a OT and help in the secondary. Pick a QB next year when you have the rest of the positions settled !!!
Jason Becquart Well shit. How many QB'S are the Jets going to draft. Smith, Hackenberg, Petty, then signed and wasted money on Fitz and now Josh. Jets are slow becoming a version on the browns.
Eric Hargrove I as a Penn State fan was never big on Hackenberg but the QB from UNC?? Good luck going 2-14!
Anthony Ferraro Hackenberg is a whine ass. State didn't miss him at all. Will always be a bum!
Alexander Vasquez Hey Greenie , are you sure Hackenberg is a bust. I guess you're basing that on your vast football knowledge.
Chris Suggs The Jets couldn't win if they had the best player at every position
Tim Gaudette That would be such a jets move take a qb from a basketball school how did taking tim couch from Kentucky work out for cle?
Joseph W Bowen He is no worse than Gino's Smith. Give him a chance the Jets aren't playing for anything this year.
Art Gonzalez What in hell are the jets really trying to accomplish here?! Wtfrack
Lew Handlin Greeny just loves the Jets, although i think they are a mistake???
James Howard Greenturd is a hack. How does he even have a job? He sucks more man ass than Michael Sam on a Vegas coke bender
Tom McNatt How about watch episode with Gruden and Hackenberg, listen to what he said and give the kid a shot.
Rocco Perna Jews stick together I see.
Mike and Mike
Mike and Mike1 day ago

We're talking about practice.

Ronnie Adragna You guys failed again to ask the right questions. You didn't even asked them about the fans. Or how could you charge premium prices for tickets against teams/players who superstars don't play. And how would you compensate them when superstars don't play?
Wayne Fisch Cuban can kiss me on my puckered bung! Loud mouth anal sac.
Joseph Scott Venuti Cuban does have some good ideas, but have you noticed that he is no where near as smart as he THINKS he is?
Anthony F McIntyre I think they should reduce the amount of pickup games during the offseason
Casey Dollinger Terrible picture. Turtle never would've went into business with that guy.
Wayland Foster WHY do they keep giving this dufas air time. If he was a regular working stiff you would have never heard of his name!
Daniel Beverly I've never seen so many millionaires cry like a bunch of dumbass baby's,,, Queen James at the top of the list
Mel Blank Hey Mr. Mark... Have ya heard? Forbes drops trump 220 spots on billionaires list... Some say, he's not even a billionaire... bwwaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!
Justin Harn I'd rather see players sit out practice than games.
R Matt Senseny He has not aged well.
Logan May Stop talking about kaperdick no one cares.
John Caruso Yes and no more back to backers
Dave Oresik I'll have to say that I'm out.
Mike and Mike
Mike and Mike1 day ago

Not only does Steve Kerr think reducing the number of games in a season would be beneficial, he'd be willing to take a pay cut for it.

Sarah Malec Webb Could the issue be that we stopped cheering for/supporting teams and started idolizing players? I'm a big time Spurs fan and ultimately I want my team to win championships. Since I love my team if I go to a game I expect the coach (🐐) to make the best decisions to yield a victory. If that means certain players rest then so be it. I enjoyed seeing Timmy play, but I also love watching Patty Mills & Jonathon Simmons. Since I no longer live in San Antonio we see the team on the road. I took my kids to Detroit once when there were some players out due to rest & injury. My kids enjoyed it just as much because we were there for the TEAM. Starter or Bench Player if you're wearing silver & black I'm happy to see you play.
Shea Kimball The amount of money they are paying these so-called athletes is astronomical to just be playing a game. When hard-working people work 60 hours plus a week just to get by. These players and coaches need to suck it up and play every game of course unless they're injured. The amount of money that's being thrown around is sickening when there's people that are starving and committing suicide because they can't pay the bills. So they need to stop bitching about playing a game and getting paid millions of dollars driving around in their Bentleys because "I am a little tired". You have the best Healthcare you get to travel the world you get to work out and shoot a basketball as your career and you get the retire at thirty forty years old and live the rest of your life without I can have her having to work again. So you want to bitch and complain about having the play 82 games cuz it's too hard for you then don't! go find a nice 9 to 5 like all the rest of us. Complaining about something you know nothing about having to really work not play a game and live in your mansion. (Full disclosure I am an NBA and basketball fan but not of these pussies that need to sit out every back to back)
G Don Wilkins How bout these players grow some balls. Jordan played with the flu. Old school players never missed games unless they were injured. These guys now have state of the art training facilities, travel first class, stay in five star hotels, but they need rest? You get to PLAY a game for millions of dollars, but you need rest...Come on man...
Rhett H. Scott Ryan Gandolfo, this is why the modern NBA sucks. They keep crying about having to play 82 games a year yet they must not realize the contracts they get requires them to play 82 games. The money the owners make from ticket sales and concession stands help to pay for those over priced contracts for mediocre players. Stop crying and do your fuckin job.
Jackson M Prather I don't understand the blowback on this. The guy offered his opinion on what would be best for the game. If you disagree with him then detail your reasons. Just calling him names only reflects poorly on you, not him.
Joe Clunie Steve Kerr wants all the accolades with less of the work. It's not supposed to be easy, that's why the season is so long, it's a grind so you feel you actually earned everything your get out of it.
Rigo Contreras I personally think 82 games is too many. I think it devalues games. I personally think it should be around 65 games. I think that makes each game mean more. I also thought when the NBA the had the shortened seasons. Those seasons were way more entertaining for me personally. Now you only see a since of urgency when its against marquee teams.
Keith Pederson these whiny panny wastes have no respect for anybody but themselves, most of the players could care less about the fans that come and watch them season after season, all that matters to them is their paycheck. one way to cut down on them sitting to get rest is to fine them $100.000-$250,000 each game they skip unless they have a legit injury. is sickening what these idiots make to PLAY A GAME, and the worst part is that their contracts are 100% guarenteed, that is the biggest joke of all. Karl Malone was right to criticize this era's players and how they shouldn't be sitting out games, the older generation of players were much tougher than these pansies are now. is one reason why I don't hardly watch now, hate the Cavs and LePrick.
Ron Griggs Wonder how much LeBron would "deserve" a rest if ratings and ticket sales looked like the wnba. I bet he wouldn't be taking days off if his pay was 1/10 what he makes now. Spoiled, overrated players of today. Makes me sick that people call leflop one of the all time greats. He's not. And he's not close. He'd be mediocre, possibly not even an allstar in the 80s and 90s.
Brent Scott Omg just shut up. Why the are atheletes so damn spoiled today. Bunch of crybabies asses. I only have to work from November to June(if I make the playoffs) and I a whinny little bitch. Oh did I mention I can make upwards of $25 million for those 8 months playing a damn game. This why I stopped watching the NBA. that and they have ruined the game eith the 3 point line
Beverly Stage I took my father to an Orlando Magic Game and they rested the top players and lost. It was an expensive night and my Dad was so disappointed. Wrote a letter to GM complaining. He wrote back saying it was their "strategy" going into the playoffs. I knew that. I'm not stupid. Magic got swept in the playoffs that year. I no longer go to NBA games. The players make big bucks and need to quit whining. I had to work two jobs for over a year and was thankful for them. Of course, I got tired but just did it until I received a promotion. The players are blessed to be in the NBA and should be playing with all their heart.
Matthew LaRue Its easy to take a pay cut when your making millions. Ooooh i just wont buy a new Ferrari every yr. This is our millenial issue of the future. Let me get this straight based on the new CBA I don't think there is anyone in the NBA making less than a million dollars a yr for playing basketball. A game, and now u say u can't play the whole season....Really. u are just an entertainer making millions living lavishly for life getting hand outs, royalties, free meals etc while 95% of Americans working can't even take a sick day for family because they will get fired. I have one thing to say...Suck it Up. I mean u still get a few months of vacation a yr still...Really cmon . #realworldproblems
Jim Rinfrette I would give my right nut to have the talent to play 82 NBA games and playoffs. These guys are so blessed ro have their lives they should maybe try just a luttle bit harder to cater to the people who watch their games on TV and buy their tickets. If you have a nagging injury thats one thing, but hearing an 82 game schedule is too long, wears a little to those who work 250+ days a year
Ron Griggs Even if they cut the season to 70 games, the stars would still sit and the same lame be fresh for playoffs excuse would rule. These are supposed to be the best conditioned athletes on the planet. If they can't play 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week for 7 months they should look for a different career.
Dave Grant If teams can basically tank 10 + games a year, with no fear of losing out on playoffs or seeding then the season is too long...They start skipping game in the 1st half of the season, where anythg can still happen , and nothing is locked up
Chris Glen I'll start with the fact that I like the NBA. I totally disagree with the sitting of players and reducing the number of games. These elite athletes (and they are) are paid millions for their talent and their entertainment value. If they cannot perform, then they shouldn't be paid. For each game a player is kept out for reasons other than a documented injury or illness, they should be docked for the value of their draw*, and the team should be compensate ticket holding fans and the league for TV games. I hear players describe themselves and colleagues as "warriors" and as going to "war". Please, all your being asked to do is show up for work that your being paid for 82+ games. The average person does that approximately 245 times each year. I'm 52 and I'm seeing 25 and 30 year olds claim they need rest. Please....... * "Draw" is used to denote the attraction of an athlete. I.e. Lebron James has a huge draw even in opponent cities attracting viewers and attendance. His draw would cost the team and he a larger fine for sitting out.
Michael John Carey The reason why most people don't pay attention to the NBA until April is precisely due to the ridiculous length of the regular season. And the playoffs are way to long also - it's virtually a second season - lasting for at least 2 months - to the end of June.
Rodney Williams Simple Thought: How about the Commissioner recommend. If players want a rest day they should take off one of the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Fans, Arenas and Networks could plan accordantly.
Graham Cole Couvillion 82 games is entirely too many. When there's that many games, people feel like they can miss games without missing much. Fans of the NFL watch EVERY game, because there's only 16, so their importance is much higher.
Tim Brunswick If he's willing to take a paycut, and setting an example, then maybe the PLAYERS should take a paycut, then the owners would then , in the end, take a paycut, but then the owners would just raise the prices on tickets anyways to make back their $$$$$...It the never-ending-saga continues....
Brandon Keels I totally hate the warriors! Curry, Durant and green... but I really like and respect steve Kerr. Kerr is a good guy and I think he's pretty genuine.
Michael Journey NBA is a bitch. The 70s 80s 90s players will always be my favorite. Today NBA isn't the same I miss the Oakley mahorn bird jabbar Jordan Celtics vs Lakers, bad boys Dr J etc. What do today's NBA have now? Not a damn thing to tune in for. I'm done !
Danny Lewandowski Wtf these guys play less games . Then baseball plays . And you have the neve to bitch about less then a 100 game if your team make the playoffs . I think baseball play should be the only team that are allowed to do that , men up quit being a pussy
Joe Biddle NBA players today ARE SOFT AS SNOWFLAKES . What a joke , 20 something year Olds who work only 9 months out of the year need rest ???????? Lol Man up SNOWFLAKES , YOU CRYING BITCHES!!!!!!!!
Jake Moreland 82 use your fucking bench players oh wait that would take away from record stats needed by star players to be promoted for ratings by the NBA joke
9 hours ago
Just 30 minutes until @nflcommish joins us!

Tune in now on ESPN2 and ESPN Radio https://t.co/sex5q1qoiW
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10 hours ago
“If I had to pick, I would guess that he has played his last game.”

RT if you agree with @Espngreeny's thought on Jay Cutler. https://t.co/toL9JyyPYp
MikeAndMike photo
11 hours ago
"A video on how to celebrate? What are we doing?” https://t.co/nvbRlZVB2s
1 day ago
"Whats changed is that we're a lot smarter about the science of rest, the science of recovery, medical science."

-Mark Cuban https://t.co/fu6kKqu9q9
MikeAndMike photo
1 day ago
"We're basically asking them to fight against what's best for their bodies in order to entertain fans."

-@bomani_jones https://t.co/ZFJlH8uEnl
MikeAndMike photo
1 day ago
Who gets drafted first? Watson or Trubisky?

"If I had to guess right now, I'd say Watson. But it's really close to 50/50."

-@McShay13 https://t.co/2oYTaz1i2e
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