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3-time Richmond International Raceway winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. is ready to get after it this weekend.

Rashaun Fain Dale Jr
Jake Deihl Come Dale JR I know you can win
Eric Kaoru If Jr wins Talladega, the place will burn down 😂
Rashaun Fain OH is da house
Cindy Bickford Love ya Dale see u in Daleadega
Sheila Jackson Toler Hey jr. From sheila in wva
Carmelo Cultrera un sogno chiamato Automobilismo sportivo.... Storia 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Ben Martinez Lets get a win DALE!!!!
Rashaun Fain #JRNation all day
Terry Walker Jr. Go jr
Jake Deihl He'll yeah
Lewis McCartney Get a championship for us
Richard Bryce Dickert Awesome good luck this weekend
Lynette Bogardus ♥♥
Amanda Bates Hey dale❤️
Carlos Augusto de Moura Go Jr!
Michael Smith proud of u dale jr
Patricia Wheeler Go Jr
Joey Hay Time to just own a car and not drive. Concussions are no joke.
Jr Dowdy Washed up
Aaron Becker Go 88 all the way to the track end
Lisa Wurtinger We will miss you next year
Randy Lindsey Randy Lindsey Joined
Vince Silva Just get one jr.!!!!!!!!
Janice Beiro Smith Hi from Wyoming; go June Bug!
NASCAR43 ago

Oh, just a Friday afternoon at Richmond International Raceway...and a couple flat-billed ball caps!

Philip Yeatts flat billed hats are as cool as shirts untucked in the front and mullets
Kevin Kay man that hat of King i don't wanna earn anything else if i ever get to NASCAR but that hat of #KingRichardPetty as a reward,but i know i am not gonna be getting it
Chris Shea If Richard Petty took off his "Charlie One Horse" cowboy hat and sunglasses, I don't think anyone would be able to recognize him.
Jason Aaron Howland Douchiest way to wear a hat.
Jerry Karnes Holy crap! A post not about dale jr!
R William Cooper One ugly hat.
Ryan Serowinski Very funny! 😆
Billy Perkins Wear a hat correctly or take it off!
Kevin Geml Flat Bill caps Just like Gomer Pyle
Landon Wilkes Wannabes
Anthony Hill Rowdy Nation
Sawsan Rochdi
NASCAR1 hour ago

Take a few laps around Richmond International Raceway with Dale Earnhardt Jr.!

John Windish Enough of Jr retirement been announced so over with..he should have just retired last year the 24 and 42 wouldn't be blowing him away.
Bill Willis NASCAR is taking Jr coverage to a nause inducing level we never thought possible. BARF!!!!!
Jerry Karnes Coming soon. A walk around the garage with DEjr. A morning in the rv lot w DEjr Arriving at the track on Fri with DEjr Get off his nuts
Michael Tucker Wander if Nascar will give him the championship or be more worried about giving Johnson number 8.
Joseph Garrett The only time he'll see clean air all weekend.
Lu Hoover Woohoo go Jr
Nikki Farmer Go JuneBug!
Brent Kapuga Go jimmie johnson
Matt Stephenson I thought he quit.
Janis Duffy I'm coming to Bristol to see ya. Love you Dale!
Sandee Lutz Go Dale Go!
Bill Lester So sad to hear of his retirement
Donna Sumter Riddle #FinishStrong Jr.!!!
Sharon Smith Go team #88
Airjess Erick Segura 43 position ....
Gabriel Roy Raphael Boisvert beau son de char sa 😏
Adam Barnette Nick Tyler William Ruberry you ladies busy this Sunday?
Matt Melly Michael James Jimmy Zuegner
Carmin Stenseth
NASCAR2 hours ago

"There's nobody that will ever replace Dale Earnhardt Jr.." - Kurt Busch

Sean Butch Moo Moo I have been a long time spectator of NASCAR as the rules have changed so much it's not about racing anymore it's about saving fuel and saving the car till the end and pit stop not about racing hard I will leave the sport at the end of the year as well
Todd William Kandler I'm not going to stop watching NASCAR because of his retirement. He has carried this whole sport on his shoulders for years. Who knows what the future holds for the sport but I'm going to be there for his last Talladega race this fall. Wouldn't miss it for anything
Maxine Bronstein-Parke Nope, they won't ever that's why we move on and appreciate who Dale Jr. is and what he has brought to racing. Dales a good guy, never boasted about anything and put his priorities in proper order🏁
Tammie Jean I am sad about Dale Jr leaving but still will be watching Nascar for sure.Alot of new and coming drivers..I most likely won't be going to the tracks as much.But I love Nascar not just a driver...
Gord Fozz Foster I watched the video clip of Jr's official announcement. Jr said some interesting stuff....he says he never intended to be a race car driver...he just used driving as a "vehicle" to get to where he could do the stuff he actually dreamed of doing. The JRM and Dirty-Mo and Whiskey River empires. He's got a lot on his plate now.
Roy Parris Jr. They will always be a name driver to win people's hearts and sell shirts . There won be a Earnhardt in Nascar at the end of the season First time sense 78 .
Charles Nehrbass No matter how good he is the fans like him. He has won the most popular driver the last 13 years. Bill Elliott won 16 times. Dale Sr only won once. Which brings me to this as far as the fans (who voted for Jr as MPD) the last 13 years he is hard to replace.
VanHaitsma James Kurt is right, never will there be a t-shirt salesman the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr!
John Richard Wellman NOT" if you didn't see this coming you were in denial. Now the big question is..... which driver/team is junior nation gonna go with. Possibly Jeffrey, he may be an upfront runner if he was in good equipment. No Petty, No Earnhardt, Labonte, Wallace, Waltrip, Allison, Jarrett, Bodine, Burton, Baker, running cup full time. NASCAR has finally come to CHANGING OF THE GUARDS.
Shea Lassiter Fitez Nope, well maybe chase Elliot, however he has the talent and don't need to ride the coat tails of his daddy's name!!! j/s
Bruce Barge BS. There are plenty of mediocre drivers left who will continue the Jr tradition of not winning.
Craig Spazman Simmons I see a lot of casual fans here because REAL race fans don't act like ignorant twits.
Johnny Trosclair Jr has been a great leader for the sport. Wish him nothing but the best on his future projects.
Max Belanger He only need 1 title for a perfect carrier!!! But it is a great driver !! One on the best on restriction plate race!! Sad for nascar ....
Dave Holloway Just another body in a car. Making way to much out of this. You've seen one you've seen them all.
Bill Beisel We have some young talent coming along. NASCAR will be just fine.
Victor Ray Who replaced Richard Petty when he retired?? Dale Jarrett?? Mark Martin??
Christine Kudrys-Caliendo Not a big surprise to me. I was more surprised he even came back after his concussion last year
Seth Bass He is incorrect. Chances are he'll be replaced by Alex Bowman.
Kevin Bush Over88ted
Len Day Easy to replace a mediocre driver......look at Bowman's performance in the #88. Had he not had an Earnhardt last name, he'd be just another driver in the sport.
Amanda Spraggs Yes Dale Earnhardt jr. Will always be my favorite driver no matter what he does and I wish you the best of luck
Heinke Trapp Well said Kurt!! Class act on your part.
Jarrod Arias Your right, no one will be paid so much to win so little, great guy but not that good at winning.
Bill Beisel Drivers get older and leave the sport. That's the way it is and will be forever.
NASCAR was live — with Mobil 1.3 hours ago

We’re exploring the garage at Richmond International Raceway thanks to our friends at Mobil 1!

Wayne Garren Alrighty then....looking great in Richmond, everybody working hard and trying find that extra umph to put them over the to. Good Luck To Everybody,,,,keep the faith that this is your weekend, we'll be watching.
Debby de la Torre Too bad we didn't know he was retiring when they ran the Auto Club race in Fontana...
Darhyl Nickleberry Ford's baby 2 21 22 team Peneske lady all the way Mama Nickleberry from Houston luv.u all
Scott Peck Jr. Lets Get a Win Baby......Dale Yeah ! Finish Strong Baby.....CONGRATULATE THE 88
Markie Mark Jackson If grocery carts were numbered, they would be 37 and 47 lol
Bunton Javier Black Winnipeg MB Canada in the House, this behind the scenes look is awesome
Ami Olderman Hello from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Please show the #21 of Ryan Blaney!
Christine Johnson Thanks so much for sharing with us all!! Milwaukee Wisconsin is home !!🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁❤❤❤❤❤😎😎😎
Harvey Harris I may get tickets to Darlington but not sure if I can make it due,to losing virtually everything in a truck fire
Jerome McCullers 18 all day
Jerome McCullers I got my tickets
Lee Ann Herring Have a great day for the race and practice. Good luck to everybody and be careful
Markie Mark Jackson Dale Jr will win this weekend!
John P Richardson There's always laughter in the Earnhardt section 88
Jerome McCullers RIR
Jackie Varney Love Brad, Joey, Martin, Chase, Kyle,Austin, Daniel, Ty, Jr!
Jake Deihl Come on DALE JR I know you can win
Karen B. Figgins Thanks for this presentation!
Christine Asselin Watching from Mesa, Arizona...Hi Marshall #48 Go Jimmie Johnson all Chevy's Rock...😎😎
Adriana Martinez Gonna miss Jr. ❤️ 👏🏼🙏🏼👍🏽🏁 Good Luck with future endeavors! ❤️👏🏼👏🏼👍🏽🙏🏼😘
Richard Bryce Dickert #88#24#48#5
Christine Johnson Go JIMMIE JOHNSON #48 !! 3 time win !!!🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁❤❤❤❤❤😎😎😎😎
Todd Jones Jr 88
Sharon Faurot Going to miss dale jr . Wish Jeff well
Sandy Hilton Hell yeah ! Go JR We love ya ❤️❤️❤️🏁🏁
NASCAR3 hours ago

Maren Morris, this rockin' party, and YOU. That's right, this year you can join us!

NASCAR was live.3 hours ago

Martin Truex Jr. notched a top-3 finish on his last trip to Richmond International Raceway. Hear what he has to say about the weekend.

Dawn Van Wagner Sorry to see Jr leave but Nascar is going to need a spokesman now and I believe Martin Truex Jr is a good driver to be that driver....
Joyce Lewis Martin Truex you have wonderful beautiful weekend. Be safe be careful out there on the track. 🏎🏳🏁 go out and win other race 🏁
Theresa Schwartzbeck Makes me happy to see people respond the same way. I will miss jr but there is some great talent coming in just like Martin truex
Patti Quilty When Dale Jr brought you into NASCAR he pick someone who is a lot like himself down to earth and humble!!! Glad you are great friends!! Go 78
Austin Redman Alexander Has anyone realized that this season is almost over and the chase is about to start and everyone is still saying ik your going to have a great year this year shut the hell up like goodness lol
Joyce Lewis Hello Martin Truex from Edgewater Florida Good Morning Good Luck be pulling for you all year long . It was was amazing meeting you at Bass Pro Shop in Daytona Beach Florida.
Dawn Van Wagner Good Luck Martin!! I know your gonna have a great year this year!! ❤😃 #78
Ann Hubbard Emehiser Real potential to become a voice like Jr, wish the powers that be would stop getting himPENALTIES!
Pam Doby Will miss JR... But go get em #78!
Carl Barboza I believe Truex Goin win at least 2 more times
Anita Harrell Best looking guy ever
Dana Williams Such a Class Act, Love Truex Jr and the #78 team !!! ❤
Susan Spivey Cohen My husband has supported both Earnhardts and now he says he's going to switch to Truex next season. Race well, race safe.
Adriana Martinez Hello there Martin Truex Jr.😉😉❤️
Lu Hoover Good morning from Michigan go Truex
Rashaun Fain Truex is #On1 this year
Ronald R McCullah Good morning 🌞 from Anderson SC
Darlene Gibson Latham Good Luck young man! 🏁🏁🏁🏁
Marlene Keilman cant stand him
Rosa Merriott Good luck Martin 😀
Cindy Parker Spruill You're Da man! ❤
Sandy N James Coffelt Go Truex
Karen B. Figgins Hello and Happy Friday!
Ayton Eller I got the same jacket from Tony Stewart !!
Andy Tsouris Go get em' MTJ!!!
NASCAR was live.3 hours ago

Points leader Kyle Larson Racing talks strategy for Richmond International Raceway.

Darrell Abbott I have a question. Back to VHT ... does this sticky stuff become a problem with it getting on everything? Like the trailer and tools? Clothing?
Michael Johnson I think rick Hendrick will be lookin for two drivers next year. Kasey Kahne said if he doesn't make something happen this year he's gonna be leaving. I'll bet anything Carl Edwards will fill in one of those positions.
Vicki Calhoun I don't understand some of u people. Why r u watching if u don't like the driver?
Karen B. Figgins You are an asset to NASCAR racing! Thank you for doing so well.
Donny C Langford I think Kyle will switch to SHR and take the 10 car as Danica will be out after this year
Donna Steele Hill Hello kyle Larson ❤️ I said when Gordon retired I wouldn't root for another driver . But I lied I root for you every race . Go Larson #42 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁
Mitchell Ray Can u plz put keselowski in the wall. Lol!! Dominate w 48!!! Ur an awesome young driver!
TJ Gault Larson will not leave ganassi as long as the equipment is still good. He has already said that
Jan Owens Kyle Larson. You are a exceptionally Great and Smart Driver! Think you know my son Trent 🏁
TammieHite N Dave Williams Hi Kyle looking forward to seeing you Race this weekend.
Kristen Lepoidevin You're the next in line for the NASCAR crown! You are the future, Kyle!!!!
Virginia Moseley Good luck Kyle #42 safe and bring home the win.
Brad Hinton The next Kasey Kahne, Starts like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
Donna Steele Hill I don't think he will leave his team . I think Alex Bowman will be in the #88
Harley Mitchell Kyle larson is used to loose vehicles racing on dirt tracks
Ann Hubbard Emehiser Love Kyle, but Teresa's dealing with Ganassi soured a lot of us on Ganassi!
John Richard Wellman You got this Kyle. Another upfront top 5 will work.
Tina Nunez-Soto Good luck Kyle Larson from Placerville.
Mandy Cummins we need heroes...
Mandy Cummins single line is boring ...
Tim Barth That means he will read this :-))
Billy Carringer Good luck this weekend Kyle
Blake Crow Keep Cope out of the way.
Shelley Creasap-Hoyt Good luck this weekend
Darlene Gibson Latham Good Luck Kyle 👍
NASCAR was live.3 hours ago

Next up in the Richmond International Raceway media center is Ryan Blaney.

He's LIVE now!

Mike Sykes A chip off of the old block and could not be with a better team anywhere.Always honest and hard working. I had the pleasure of knowing them in the late 60's and 70's. Len and Eddie were teen agers.
Jesse Sims remember the 4 bar dodge lancer hub caps....had 57 chev convt with chrome reverse with baby moons....your bringing back memories...
Nancy Martinelli Are you happy my favorite Driver #88 Dale Jr. retiring...I'm sad...💕🏁
Stefanie Pierce Hey Ryan Blaney!! You're awesome! Keep up the great work!
Jarod Tipton Do you think that you will win this year and what's your take on Dale Jr retiring Ryan
Daniel Caudle Hey Ryan, put a Ford in Victory Lane at Toyota's race so we can get a chuckle out of the sponsor conflict
Theresa Schwartzbeck I'm sad but proud of dale jr. We are going to see new blood and this young man is one of them
Darhyl Nickleberry Ford's baby team Peneske lady all the way Mama Nickleberry from Houston luv.u all
Dolores Lape Good morning from.Delaware near the monster mile see you all Soon
Steve Usher Good luck to ALL drivers and team members this weekend at Richmond
Judy Wertz Good morning from Pa.
Dolores Lape Lots of luck Ryan
Nancy Martinelli NASCAR is dying shows empty seats at races😁
Ann Hubbard Emehiser I like Ryan, but not Ford...
Vicki Calhoun Hope you have a great race. Winter Haven, FL
Rosa Merriott Good luck ryan
Dee Summerall Nettles Good luck Ryan and the Woods family.
Nancy Martinelli Hi how is your day in NASCAR
Karen B. Figgins Good luck in the race!
Joyce Rhinesmith Good morning from New Jersey.
Tina Louise Jenkins Good luck Ryan
Leah Lyons Blaney that win is coming !!! #21
Carl Barboza You will win this year Ryan
Diane Kelly Argabright Won't be the same without Junior
Carl Barboza Good morning from Wisconsin
NASCAR4 hours ago

Two stage winners and a race winner. Find out when they'll get it done.

Laur M Jus Love love the stages Been a excellent year so far The crybabies have no clue what they are crying about..o wait that's cuz they don't watch the race they watch the stands and other crap. This has been a competitive year. Different winners and unpredictable races. Only thing better would be no yellows between stages other wise the points and layout is amazing
Daniel Medina I don' like this stages thing, just go back to old school nascar rules.
Dave Townsend I've been a NASCAR fan for 30+ years, i wasn't sure about the stage racing when it was first announced, but so far, I've liked it.
Craig Spazman Simmons Was not a fan of stage racing at first, but it has grown on me.
Nabil Kch I expect a lot of them little contacts sending cars to pit
Gordy Brower Good deal. The pattern of the stages is consistent with other races this year. The crybabies need to learn and embrace that stages are planned cautions.
Diane Padziora Wish I could be at the track in person instead of watching on 📺 or 👂to it on the 📻.
Jarrod Wayne Bushyhead Make Richmond a night race again
Fran Smith I pray that the #48 doesn't win any. Let the rookie's win
Jonathan Leland The stages r so dumb
Brandon Kirk Putman Still empty seats in this pic
Leroy Straubel No thanks
Jonathan Brosilo Stages ROCK! So ready for Richmond! HAPPY FAST FRIDAY EVERYONE
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