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ICYMI: IMSA driver Joel Miller walked away from this wild ride at Sebring over the weekend.

Julina Lilly
Baptiste Douillard Corentin Bézier c'est lui qui a tapé à sebring 😉
Michael Buzard Been there but it was concrete
Brett Struble He had a day and half to pucker up for that impact
Kristy Kloeckner Ouch.......
Debra Hoffman Glad the guy is ok!!! What a scary ride!!!
Shane Hallowell Ouch!!
Sheree Vanwagenen he is so lucky! god is great
Charlie Barton Jeremy Barton
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You never forget the first one! #NASCARGoesWest

Ben Hesse Next stop: Auto Club Speedway The film location of Charlie's Angels and Herbie: Fully Loaded.
Keith Aston Woo! Monster Girls!
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NASCAR mourns the loss of 1970 DAYTONA 500 Winner Pete Hamilton.

Haiden Wheeler I saw the Plymouth, the tail, and the color. My heart honestly stopped because I thought it was Richard Petty. Rest In Peace Pete Hamilton 🏁
Karen Rigsby-Ferree Condolences to the NASCAR community, the family and friends of Pete!! Handsome, personable!
Jack Cournoyer Isn't that the same car that the king ( number 43 ) drove in the movie cars?
Bill Monroe I remember that race ! Sad but the man had a long hopefully full life.
Aaron Johnson Pete raced at the fairgrounds in Springfield MO a couple of times in the earl 70's.
Martin Stephens I saw him race at Meyer Speedway in Houton Tx in the early 70's.
Jack Lynch Sharp car, sharp driver. Petty should've brought back the 40 instead of 44. RIP
Eric T. Deem Back when racing was REAL..... RIP!
Michael Duvall Saw that race at daytona my first will never forget pete and that cool superbird rip pete
Sonia Brook Rest in peace man, you will never be forgotten in the racing world
Juan Pablo Ortiz Soto Mis condolencias a toda la familia Nascar
Gil Valdez Thats when men were racing Nascar
Shane Blackmore Prayers to Hamilton family
Betty Manion Prayers for the Hamilton family
Murray J Vale A Great Loss for NASCAR <<<<<
Bruce Coombes "RIP" Pete great driver !0
John Rucker Jr. 😥🙏🏁🏁🏁🏁
Mike Vallandigham When men were men. We salute you, Mr. Pete Hamilton.
David Thomas RIP..Drove when this was racing and you earned it
Barbara Antonucci I remember when he drove for Richard Petty.
Veron Verdugo Morales Rest easy, Pete!! 💜
David Palmer R.I.P.
Mike Bonin R.I.P.
Ed Winchester Love the Petty Blue
Kevin Moore R I P
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Get the details on penalties following the weekend at Phoenix Raceway.

Brian Thompson Wonder why the problems with the #4 weren't found in pre qualifying inspection ... Or does NASCAR just let it go so they can " find " them after the race so they can collect fines & take points away... Same for the #2 team....
Leanna Swanson Why no consequences for Austin D. For using car to get revenge? Very inconsistent. Judy last week they said they would treat that differently. But Austin said nothing would happen except for a cold one.
Jason Pennington I think these penalties have gotten out of hand. Loosing that many points, that high of a dollar fine and crew chief suspensions for lug nuts, template (I think that should be harsh, but not that harsh), and a track bar violation that they didn't really explain. Meanwhile Austin Dillion purposely ran into Cole Custer under caution, "using his car as a weapon" as Nascar put it, and all he got was a don't do it again... seriously! I think NASCARs priorities are a bit mixed up
Ted Schmidt Amazing how much less forgiving and understanding NASCAR is this week when it is a Penske car in their crosshairs. Not nearly as forgiving as when a JGR or Hendrick team crosses the line.
Austin Foye Unless you drop the Top 30 rule to Top 20 you can dock Kez 200 points and it will not matter. It has to impact Championship bonus points to matter since he already has a win this season.
William Kern I didn't see Austin's name any where for waiting and then using his car on track to retaliate. O I forgot that's a Dillon boy so it's ok. How stupid of me
Bryce Z-man Zitterich So the 47 got L1 penalty at Atlanta, and the 2 and 4 got L1 penalty at Phoenix. The 47 and 2 got $65,000 fine, -35 driver and owner points and crew chief suspended 3 races. But the 4 only got $25,000 fine, -10 driver and owner points and crew chief suspended 1 race. Nascar needs to hand out level punishments and quit rigging outcomes! This sport has gone to hell!
Larry Sunderlin I don't understand how you can fail post race if you passed pre race inspection there's no way I can see changing the car at pit stops or on the track and finish up front the only way I can figure is in the garage which neither car went to the garage and why are the penalties so drastically different if they are both F1 class penalties
Robin Heston I don't like Keslowski, but if a car passes pre-race inspection, that should be it. NASCAR has an official at each pit, breathing down their necks. How can they make changes to car measurements then? And, if you are in a scrape of any kind, the measurements are going to change during the race.
Mark Jones Typical Lawyer-speak form NASCAR. They can't ever come right out and say exactly what the violations were, instead they reference sections of the rule book.
Zack Bolin I bet everyone who complains about NASCAR catching the 4 and 2 also would tell people they don't speed going home from work. What does it matter? I can tell you brad and Kevin aren't going to miss the money they got fined, their sponsors will probably cover that anyway. Everyone looks into it too deep. NASCAR needs to quit posting stuff like this to stir up the people who don't understand the sport
Chad N Lauryn Barker All you people are insane how about we be logical and not complain when our driver gets nailed but praise when drivers we hate do. It's all I. The rules the drivers and crews are well aware of the penalties. They deserve what they get no matter if it's my fav driver or one I hate. No one ever looks at anything in NASCAR logically they all make their opinions based on their love or hate for the driver involved.
Edward Schubert NASCAR socks somebody can use the car as a weapon and they do nothing. If they're inspecting the cars before the race it should be the end of it. Do your job NASCAR don't let them race until it's legal and then after race let them go home.
Tom Scherer Keep up the heavy fines and penalties! The lack of objection from those penalized should tell us something! Maybe eventually these guys will not play so loose with the adjustments.
Todd Rhoades And this is why former fans like myself no longer watch this so called sport. To many ridiculous rules and constant meddling by the so called sanctioning body. Much lower attendance at events means less money for the France clan so instead they issue fines to drivers and team personnel. NASCAR has become irrelevant!
Karen Lea Roy Maybe Nascar should explain the different types of violations and possible penalties by printing them in large letters using crayons. Maybe then some of these fans would actually learn something and stop whining about lesser fines/penalties for drivers they don't like.
Wesley Patrick Duffey Come.on guys, they must be cheating! Nascar sucks, let me guess, that why you stopped watching it years ago! If it would have been a Toyota or a Busch they wouldn't have said a word! Come on let's it here it! It's all a big conspiracy to help jr win a championship! I'm let's see what did I miss? Oh they never fine the Hendricks cars! Hahaha!
Jp Griffin Once they start figuring out what the Ford teams are doing, they are flagged and the cars will be dissected until they get exactly what theyre doing every week. Happens to the best of them.
Sheri Dennis Morris I have no problem with the penalties, however shouldn't all rules be written out and in black and white? I don't know how many times a winning car fails post race inspection and gets a lesser penalty than loose lug nuts. Also should there not be a rule on actions after a race? Lets not judge it by the amount of publicity it gets you.
Beth Ulrich How in the world did you rationalize not penalizing Dillon for intentionally hitting Custer under a yellow flag???? As I recall, Kyle (who BTW is not my favorite driver) almost got booted out of NASCAR and incurred the wrath of both Joe Gibbs and his sponsor when he hit another car intentionally in an Xfinity race during a caution. So it's now okay for drivers to retaliate by hitting each other's cars during a caution? So much for fair transparent rules and penalties.
Bill Claybrook The teams, and fans to some extent, asked NASCAR to be more consistent with penalties for certain level of infractions, so they did that. There is no favoritism here, just enforcement of black and white rules.
Matt Groseclose Bryan Joseph, big penalties, esp for the 2 team. 3 races without Paul Wolfe, including Martinsville. they were one of the hottest teams to start the season.
Kenneth Gladney Sr. It's never gonna change people. It's always the same old crap. They penalize who they want,for what they want,when they want. What ever happened to the days when it was just about racing? There is a reason ratings and attendance at races are down Mr. France.
Walter Smith NASCAR beginning to SUCK big time!! F1 & IndyCar & Petie LeMans looking better and better. NASCAR want's only Big tracks & Big Money. Louden, N.H. losing a date to Los Vegas!! 3 segment racing to early to tell, so so at this point!! My NASCAR days are numbered!!
George Weivoda "...the violation for the No. 4 car is detailed in sections I-4 of the NASCAR Rule Book (track bar mount and supports)" Do they NOT look at this stuff in Pre-race inspection?
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Kyle Larson Racing is the sixth-youngest points leader in the sport's history.

Jason Schomburg I wonder if Ganassi and Hendrick are working together a little now that SHR went to Ford. I know Hendrick supplies the engines, and Ganassi builds their own chassis, but those Ganassi cars are suddenly preforming much better. But then again could be they are getting the motors that would have gone to SHR. I'm sure all of the Hendrick engines are great but you know they all dyno a few HP different.
Cody Prather He definitely could have won Sunday if they 17 wasn't right there. I've been a fan of Larson for a couple years I'm glad to see him getting comfortable.
Susan Martens it is funny how people jump on the bandwagon when drivers start doing good but watch the minute kyle starts not winning or does bad you wont here it remember when kyle busch came back from his injuries and all of sudden he won almost 5 races in a row boy the comments were the same boy he can drive the wheel off the car all good things but now he not winning you dont here it
Nascar Nation Once the kid learns to finish races, he'll be unstoppable! Can't wait to see what he'll do in the next few months.
Kevin W. Qualls Larson verses Elliott is going to be the rivalry of the next few years. NASCAR's future looks bright to me.
Josh Bawelkiewicz Jones, Larson, Elliott, Blaney, Dillon Bros, Suarez, Bubba. Future of the sport is looking bright 👌🏻👌🏻
Robbie Dunham The #42 Target Car Driver, Kyle Larson will WIN some Races this Year. Go Kyle Go #42
Joel Jackson So they're not counting Trevor Bayne after he won Daytona?
Ty Calton I'm a 22 fan, but Larson is proving he's the real deal. I'd like to see a little attitude in his driving. Good job Larson!
Steven Jackson Sr. I really believe in Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott the next gen coming at ya!
Marion Camp Smith Kyle is a great talent. I expect to see him win several Championships through out his career
John Walter Irrelevant statistics ain't nothing but some numbers either.
Alex Kearney He's probably my favorite driver right now. Hopefully he continues to excel.
Cody Lentine I think he tops chase in the most talented driver category. Brad, joey, and ky busch are right there behind them
Nivaldo Chaves Ótimo início de temporada, com certeza chegará muito longe, força e avante. Admiro muito seu modo de pilotar, sempre buscando a vitória.
Susan Groeschel Kyle Larsen is not my favorite driver, I have someone else but I can see him possibly becoming a future star and champion.
Diego Vargas 75% the car 25% his driving... Ganassi has been bad in NASCAR for years that's why Montoya left.
Joyce Kelley Like watching you race. You make things interesting.
Jim Morris He headed for a win
Steven Jackson Sr.
Kevin Myers Go Kyle! Become a fan!
Kriss Ross LARSON!!!
Eric Danielsen Like this kid.
Deb J. Hartley Rooting for you Sunday
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NEWS: NASCAR announces ruling on No. 47 team's L1-level penalty from Atlanta

Mike Vallandigham So they're gonna fine them $65k and dock 35 championship points for loos lugs, but no penalty for Dillion wrecking a contender on purpose under caution? WTF?
Kevin Schmid But Kyle Busch can repeatedly fail post race inspection and get the smallest penalty NASCAR is really messed up when it comes to penalties and also what happened to lug nuts with police them self's smdh
Austin McCandless As an AJ fan, it's hard to stomach this. It's clearly written in the rules, but I, like everyone else, has their own take on the "unusual weighting" of the penalties levied by NASCAR. If driver safety is the issue, I can think of other, more dangerous predicaments that levy a slighter penalty, if one at all. It's just frustrating sometimes.
Mark W Muse And still silent on the No. 2 failure on weight and height after Phoenix. Usually comes out Tuesday. NASCAR trying to make it go away for one of their 2 choosen boys with Logano?
Beverly Seago Butler With all the new rules this year that are totally stupid...NASCAR is going to be a thing of the past because all its fans are getting fed up with this crap as I'm sure the owners and drivers are too. If they found the problem post race then it's fixed and that's the end of the story....and the $$$ of the fines is off the charts...come on NASCAR...get a grip and fix the problems you are causing.
Viwath Sean Folks can't comprehend what the penalties are. Apparently only the teams and folks with NASCAR hard cards seem to understand. Rules and there penalties are understood by hard card holders before the season started and are made aware of new rules prior to the race. That's what driver and crew chief meetings are for. If they are confused about anything those meetings are where they would address it.
Mitchell Stacy A little info about the state of the union, apparently the stage format is not going over so well at all----(From Sportsmediawatch)------ "NASCAR Cup Series racing from Las Vegas earned a 3.6 final rating and 6.0 million viewers on FOX last Sunday, down 18% in ratings and 17% in viewership from last year (4.4, 7.2M) and down 22% and 23% respectively from 2015 (4.6, 7.7M). The 3.6 rating is the lowest in the history of the race (dates back to 1998), falling below the previous mark of 4.0 on ABC in 2000. Within the past decade, ratings were as high as 5.9 (2011), 6.5 (2009) and even 7.1 (2008). In addition to the record-low rating, viewership for the race was the lowest since at least 2001 (viewership prior to 2002 was not available), falling below the previous mark of 7.2 million in 2010. This year’s audience was less than half of the 12.1 million who watched nine years ago. NASCAR on FOX is now averaging a 4.7 rating and 8.3 million viewers through three races, down 8% in ratings and 3% in viewership from last year (5.1, 8.5M). The season has already included the lowest rated post-Daytona race since at least 1998 (Atlanta) and the second-lowest rated Daytona 500"
Bill Holloway NASCAR is fast becoming the biggest joke in all of sports! I LOVE stock car racing but NASCAR has lost my loyalty! It is the most inconsistent ruling sports body I know of!
Nick Winand I hate this, but have no sympathy. Nascar gave the drivers room on the lug nut issue, and they complained. They're getting exactly what they asked for.
Carl Brown When is the penalty to Keselowski coming out! How about why Austin Dillon hasn't been fined for his wrecking of another racer's car with a vehicle.
Mark Hall Nascar is bi-polar there people running it.All depends i think what kind of mood you catch them in week to week to determine fines and there severity.
Dave Blanchette Rules rules rules and more rules, stages and fines for ridiculous stuff. They can barely even race anymore. No wonder my interest is waning.... Just look at the empty seats in the stands.
Randy Atto yup but you can run into another teams pits break the law by assaulting someone and no penalty. a agree that nascar will become a thing of the past. it has for me
Mark Riddle NASCAR is headed in a direction that it doesn't need or wants to go to unless they impeach the President of NASCAR- Brian France cause he has no clue about racing or what it's all about. Has anyone seen much out of Mike Helton this year?? Not me!!!!!!!! Is he keeping a low profile.?????
Betti Haynes nascar should go back to how they use to do lugnuts they use to be a officail at everypit and when they notice a lugnut missing the driver would have to come back in for a penalty, but guess nascar needs the money
Ian Spence And driver assaults another on camera followed by 22 team member sticking the boot in and nothing happens 3 loose nuts 2nd race of the season with a team who are not front runners NASCAR get a grip
Amanda Hood But yet you can go and throw punchs on pit road and get away with it .and the number 2 can wait till the 00 comes back around the track and go up and crash into him really now that's a bunch of 💩 if I have ever heard it. And I am not a fan of the 47 .
Adam Chapman The penalties were the result of three unsecured lug nuts on the No. 47 Chevrolet found during post-race inspection and resulted in a loss of 35 championship driver and owner points and a $65,000 fine and three-race suspension for Burnett
Valerie Brahler Wow, NASCAR is getting pretty persnickity...Dang, hope they don't ruin the sport with all the different changes the last couple of so of years..
Ken Nelson Geez what a huge fine for lug nuts. I would expect something like that for a fight, ooh wait...🤔
Tyler Stohr WHY penalize a team that will NEVER again win a race and REWARD owners like Michael Waltrip who cheat on a daily basis and ki$$ the a$$ of the France Family cuase big bro needs the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!
Kate DeHaan So insecured leg nuts are more important the drivers and their crews fighting. Way to set an example NASCAR
Wayne Nagata Ok enough lug nuts, no one except us minions and NASCAR uses lug nuts.
Randy Feldman Loose lug nuts carry a bigger penalty then workplace violence. NASCAR is run by goons!
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With NASCAR heading to Hollywood, #SandyWexler (Adam Sandler) is making his pitch to some of the sport's biggest stars! #NASCARGoesWest

Jay Thaxter Mitch Danielsson I feel like Dale Jr....didnt know this was Adam Sandler.....he got super defense e when He said done deal I work off hand shakes....
Tom Last I could see Adam Sandler doing a Nascar movie probably as good as Talladega Nights Ricky Bobby. LOL
Ganey Noe Yepp Sandy Wexler is actually a character about Brian France
David Houghton "Heading to Hollywood"? Fontana isn't anywhere near Hollywood.
Ck Tapp it's really funny howmany driver's don't know this is Adam sandler !
Nancy Gonzalez This is funny 😜... Can't wait...
Melinda Hoschar Hadraba I love Adam Sandler but this is just dumb.
Jeremy Hughes I can get you up to $20 a sticker. We're way above that.
Ken Domenech stopping by to see how the comments flow for the central high boy #manchvegas baby
Ken Nelson Remember when Adam Sandler was funny?
Karina Orozco Antonio Chi Mira 😆
Elaine Warren Wish I could watch this. Don't have Netflix
Kelli McMahon Mincey Jeff making your appearance?? Lol
Melissa Walker Stasney Michael W Stasney Jr.
Ryan Doucette Teresa this is pretty funny.
Kriss Ross LARSON!!!!!!!!!
Debbie Liebgott awesome
Nathan Moreno Jose Moreno Jr.
Willie Pelotte Jasmin Jimenez
Andrea Palmer Darrel Louis Palmer II,watch this.
Christopher Loren Chesher Brittany Chesher😂😂😂
Chad Landen James Landen Roger Peery
Kenny Fillipone Erikk Hansen
Thomas Robinson Michelle Robinson😂
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"It's been a long, hard fight. Nobody ever gave up." - Richard Childress

Richard Childress Racing's return to Victory Lane:

Ronald Ramsey RCR with never quit attitude , The grandsons will show it to.Don't let that money fool you!! These boys raced before you heard their name in Nascar
Nathan Heckelman Hard to believe that RCR and Ryan Newman is the first Chevy Manufacturer in Victory Lane. Thought it'd be Hendrick Motorsports with Jimmie Johnson or Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing with Kyle Larson.
Clinton H Davis I love how it's always "a hard fight" or how the announcers talk about how a team "fought through so much adversity" etc etc... you get to drive a race car for a living, having a bad day at the track isn't adversity, it's a bad day at the track. Too much fake drama these days... I'd trade pay checks any of them...
Ron Schmitz A real gentleman on the race in Arizona Sunday. It's great to see a bush was not upfront to win. NASCAR needs more gentleman drivers.
Marcel Marcotte Fight? You mean like trying to pry the bucket of KFC from Newman's hands? Hey Ghostbusters, we've found the replacement for the Marshmallow Man for GB 3.
Donnell Denson I think this is the morale booster and shot in the arm that RCR needed. Do i think they will be an elite team now that Ryan won? No but I think it gave them new life after not winning for almost 3 and a half years.
Angela Langer Auto Club couldn't get here any sooner, I'm so over this accidental win. Next.
Mopar Rob Congratulations to Richard, Ryan and the entire RCR team. A true class act in NASCAR 🙂
Larry Dodson I hope it will be a "LONG" time before RCR will ever see another win !!!!!!!
Pamela Avey Perseverance does pay off sooner or later 🙂
Fonty Hall Congratulations on the win ❤
Bob Frye a great win
Andrew Melcher They are faster this year look for more
Casey Clark You won on a gamble.
Jacob Kilpatrick Happy for you Richard!! Great job guys!! 👍
Harold Hoyt He is the ONLY Good 1 of the Bunch... Ditch the Rest..
Thomas Jay Bishop Now watch him finish 20th in points.
Rick Wilson I was on the front stretch ya
Jake Ryan Quimby Showing that he still has what it takes.
Cindy Heichel Congratulations Ryan and RCR.
Frankie Lam Good job
Jared Fitzpatrick Where's Christopher?
Dan Thornhill Happy for the Rocket Mans return to the winners circle.
Melva Mull Nelson Congratulations Ryan Newman.
Claudia Dinorah Horta Quintero Great job!
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"Yes, I did call Dale Earnhardt Jr. a [expletive]." - Ryan Blaney

Randy Foulds I love how Dale handled it though. He laughed, called Ryan a name back and then said you have to bring the beer for an entire month when you come over. This is how a gentleman handles himself.
Stewart Preble That is funny stuff, I'm sure Dale has been called worse by others on the track, he can take it and dish it out.😂 They are all competitors after all. Got to admit it looks good seeing that Motorcraft Ford running well on the track week after week. Blaney and a couple of others are the future of Nascar.
Evans Eggo Ryan didn't mean anything by it. It was hot in the car...and its the heat of the moment. Both are the two unlikeliest of drivers to fight anyways....
Carolyn Hatt Bruns Everyone says things in the heat of the moment. Yes, it was news because it was Dale Jr. and not someone like Joey Gase (no offense to Joey Gase). Junior handled the media attention with class and humor as he always does.
Chip Dawson For all of you jr. Fans who's undergarments are in a bunch. I tell you you need to just calm down. Heat of the Moment comment on the track on the radio isn't anything. You may want to consider becoming a fan of Ryan. He will soon be winning races and and will for a long time . Junior the other hand is getting ready for his walker when he retires. Oh wait I forgot your fans are going to jump into the Chase Elliott bandwagon. The kid that has done just as much as Ryan Blaney in a lot better equipment
Lacie Sherlock o lord who cares! i'm sure they all cuss each other out while in those cars at some point or another. .Friends or not you still get pissed at others, it is a competition it's going to happen. Stop making a fuss about nothing. Jr probably could care less as he has, i'm sure, said worse in his day. These are grown men,it'll be ok
Suzy Yahne Dale Jr laughs about it.. What a man.. That is one of the many reasons why i'm a Dale Jr fan..he brushes those kind of things right off his shoulders.. #88
Paul José Nicholson O.M.G. Blaney threw an insult at the golden boy. Probably get banned, fined and god knows what. Imagine if Jr was any good. NASCAR would never stop wanking about it.
Sheree Ashley Arend It's funny because they're technically neighbors and really good friends, Blaney didn't mean anything by was the heat of the moment comment during a very hot race.
Ray McCullic Ryan Blaney is an arrogant,ignorant piece of crap just like his Dad you can see it when anyone tries to interview him.Tried talking to his dad once and only once. Never made that mistake again.
Phil Abbott For all you haters out there. Junior will be inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame much faster than Blaney, Blaney's daddy, and a carrier load of other drivers! He is consistently in the top 25% of points. And has done this without cheating. He is at the top in sponsor money and advertising income. He has NEVER EMBARRASSED his sponsors or advertisers.
Thomas English Its NASCAR. You have to have an aggressive, competitive spirit to make it on the track. If its too rough, rowdy, or in any way unpleasant for you, change the channel.
Jay Sullivan If you all follow Jr on social media this by know means bothers him. Jr. and his wife Amy along with Ryan Blaney are having fun with it along with some of their driver friends! Heat of the moment thing so people move on!
Jake Heaton Drivers call each other names every week, it's not a big deal. It's intense out there, you don't really mean it. So I guess it's only news because Dale got called a bad name.
Jeffrey Davis Sr. NASCAR Facebook seems to want to create more out of minor stories. Last week they treated the Busch/Logano brushup like its never happened before. Now this week its a comment made during a race..again, nothing new. If you're worried about ratings, stop screwing with the sport and just race like the old days. Im close to deleting and just follow my drivers.
Philip R. Nelson Like you've never called a buddy an @$$hole before..I have and have been called it too. This just makes for good water cooler talk which is good. Its all good. If all this drama, battles on/off the track are too much, then maybe you should watch competitive paint drying. Its part of the experience. I hear fans complain it's too's too much drama..too much/not enough rubbing/wrecking..too gentlemanly/not enough boys being tires me hearing all this complaining. This is what I love about's unpredictable and I like the stage racing..driving hard for points. Everything evolves and it's good to remember the good old days, but enjoy this..someday THESE will be the good old days. Boogity Boogity Boogity ...let's go racing!
Marion Camp Smith It's racing. Dale probably was acting like a BLEEP at the moment. Ryan is a great talent and looking forward to him having a wonderful career. Sounds like they handled it and no one had to resort to punching each other after the race.
Geoffrey Elkins If you have over 25 wins in your racing career at the elite NASCAR level, have won the Daytona 500 multiple times, and other big races, I'd classify that as a great driver. So many don't even make it there and if they do, may only win once or never.
Jayson Wright Blaney is cool cat. With a lot speed great race car driver. Jr don't mind at all. Jr won most his races and championships before most of these crying rookie race fans even started watching racing. He has had great career just had some hard hits on real walls that have taken a toll.
Jerrod Lovern This shouldn't even of been a story. 2 dudes who work together and against each other had an issue. Names called. Then one is up on beer duty. Sounds like every construction job I have ever worked.
Claudia Edwards Briggs I am a huge Dale Jr. fan and I couldn't believe how Jr. nation took such offense to Ryan Blaney's comment. I mean things are done and said in tbe heat of the moment. These guys are such huge competitors and Dale Jr. is such a good sport that he didn't take offense to it. He even joked about Ryan having to supply the beer for a month when he comes over. Ryan is a great guy and racer, it was hot in Phoenix and he was frustrated! Combine that with a drivers competitive nature and things will be said in the heat of the moment which they don't really mean! I know everyone out there has said things to people and about people (including friends) when mad and frustrated when they really don't mean it!
Chad Thornbro it's amazing how sensitive dale Jr fans are. you try staying calm in 140 degrees and under pressure. I wonder what that John guy thinks. anybody not blocked by him, what is he saying? lol
Mitch Kays Wow all the hate towards Junior and he had no problem with Blanket and.laughed it off... But you know how it is when you have all these great drivers on facebook, see each of them is so much better than Junior, if only their Dad was a NASCAR great they would have gotten a great ride and be blowing.away Junior's doors
Terry Sharp I wonder if driver's get chosen at random each week to start some type of hype so Nascar will stay in the headlines during the week. Kind of like reality tv.
Gary Harding Blaney is a kid! Whatever he says is heat of the moment and trying to earn himself a name with the big boys, trying to prove hes not gunna take S$@% from the vets! Im a hendrick (jimmie) fan but good for ryan! Get yourself a name early and let them know whos going to be around for years and wont take crap
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"Trust me, I went into 3 looking in my A-post mirror. I knew he was down there." - Ryan Newman

Justin Williams Don't let this distract you from the fact that Albert Bundy rushed for 4 touchdown in the all city championship game for Polk High.
Andrea Lutz I want to see him kick butt at Fontana! Larson has tons of talent and a bright future in NASCAR. It just took him a couple of years to grow into those shoes. He's right there! Go LarSON!!!
Jim Lamb Larson played it smart, knowing that newman would put him in the wall if he got to close
Shelia Hutchison Sure hated to see a Chevy win.....Especially a RCR car! You sure didn't deserve it.
Sonia Brook good thing you checked
Kriss Ross LARSON!!!!!
Julina Lilly
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