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Hassan Whiteside, a master of the "SNATCH BLOCK," continues to be a force on defense for Miami!

Miami Heat x Toronto Raptors, 7:30pm/et tonight on NBA TV

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Since returning from injury, Khris Middleton has been doing a bit of everything for the Milwaukee Bucks!

Russell Gebremichael Westbrook scores 40 "yeah, but he took 30 shots." Westbrook goes 6 for 6. "Yeah, but he only took six shots." It must be exhausting to be such a hater.
Wiłłie Guerrero Too bad when middleton returned, Jabari tore his ACL.
Eric Cahill Alex Lesher he's gonna put up 20 ppg in the playoffs
Δημήτρης Γεωργούσης Giannis Ypsilandis Rothschild για εκτους τους βλεπω και να παιζουν με Washington και να μας τρελλανουν!!!!!!!
Alex Ward Melo had no idea his heso melo jumper could get blocked
Flavie Henault Wilfrid Slupek regarde il faut que tu fasses ça en match😂
Giannis Ypsilandis Rothschild Δημήτρης Γεωργούσης tora tha mpoune sigoura 8ada.!!
Κώστας Γκουμάκης Way to go
Austin Chan Yiu Ching yo 第15秒
Sungbin Jeon Justin Lee :'(
Sercan Türkoğlu
GreekSneakCollector Yes but the Greek Freak is Bucks franchise player!
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Today on his birthday, we remember the late, great MOSES MALONE-- NBA Champion, 3-time MVP, 12-time All-Star & Basketball Hall of Famer!

Edis Merdinov Markisiç How many players' birthday is it? Kidd,Irving,Hayward and Malone..
H. Thomas Roacher Kyle Greene Kevin A. Rasberry what you know about this man, lol
Luis Guillermo he was the first player i ever saw hit a half court shot, at the alamodome wearing spurs home white
Jim Rasanen Still couldn't beat LaVar Ball 1 on 1.
Al Emerson Four, four, four, four. Legend Moses Malone RIP.
Avi Elbaz One off the best center ever
Jenelle Perry All time leader in offensive rebounds too.
Abe Gonzalez Fo, fo, fo.
Ahmet El Shaarawy Legend
Paris Boykin He was a beast no 3 pointer
Stephen D'Alesio Happy birthday and R.I.P.
Hanad Adan Rest In Peace Moses, great player all around!
Stojance Kostovski Moses take us to the promised LAND!
Gerard Teamer Mo!
Thierry Raquin Rip
Stuart Graham A complete monster on the boards.
James Wright Love the illustration...So 80's.
Ismail Jawhari a e s t h e t i c
James Boyd Happy birthday
Jeremy Dubray THE MAIL MAN!!!!!
Charles Constantino Happy Birthday! 😀
Farouk Himmiche Othmane Debbagh rip
Roberto Long Nacho de la Yeza
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Join us in wishing 4-time All-Star and NBA Champion Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers a HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY!

Wheel Juan Happy bday K. Still just a kid. Why it feel like dude been in the NBA for 10 years tho.
Armand Ocampo I'm rooting for the Warriors and I feel scared when Kyrie's got the ball in the clutch😂
Sattiel Abdul Rashid Happy birthday Kyrie erving. God bless always I wish you a good health and god protect you always good luck to your carreer with cavs I hope a championship title again in nba.
Hans Schenker Probably one of the dumbest people in history when you take into account availability of knowledge, the power and money a person has etc. Really good basketball player though.
Kevin Shanahan I would say congratulations on traveling around the sun for a 25th time but that would of course require you to believe in the whole tenants of science thing...
Jayceon Romero My concern for my boy uncle drew is his knees 😪 I hope he doesn't end up like a derrick rose , dude is to hot for the NBA to be injured weak knees...... happy birthday ankle taker
Edwar Nolberto Happy birthday Kyrie Irving 🎁🎂🎊🎉🎉🔥. Man you play great Basketball in the game. I also like your moves to. It's so neat. My birthday is on March 23rd to Lol. Anyways congrats bro.🎉
Kenneth Holsey Branham NBA Champion and superstar the inimitable Kyrie Irving career high 49 points recently makes the Cavaliers the favorite to win it again !
Carl Basilides HBD uncle drew. Shot na tayo sa bahay nag paluto na ko ng ulam nagpaihaw na din ako ng bangus. Pupunta naman si potpot curry eh bisita din yon. HAHAHAHHA Marlo Cortez Lanzuela Larrel Angelo Vargas Castro Arjie Vinluan Marc Dexter Pancho
Troy Childress I didn't know that Kyrie had birthdays since the earth is flat and doesn't revolve around anything?
Clyde Walter Gilbert Happy Birthday Mr Irving! I pray our LORD&SAVIOR blesses you with many more.
Diego Hernández Happy Birthday Kyrie!! The king of the crossovers... You're my idol
Nate Robinson I hope your birthday has more depth to it than you think the world has!
Matthew Driscoll if the earth doesnt revolve around the sun, how does he measure how long hes lived in years?
Arsenio Chongo Happy birthday uncle drew. One of the best guards at the moment
Keante Milsap happy birthday uncle drew i still think about that clutch shot u hit in the finals i was mad as ever Nbs warriors not going this yr tho
Lorenz Behrendt Fritz Paule Nicolas Pilz 4 mal Allstar mit 25... kann man mal machen
Sasha Petrin Happy Birthday you flat earth believer
Paulo Gabriel Sta Maria Roses are Red Violets are Blue Kyrie thinks the earth is flat I think it is too
Justin Heard Wow... He's only 5 years older than me... Incredible.
Aurelien Buscail Wait what only 25?! I thought he was older because of his beard,just like James Harden.
Brian Lopez The fact Kyrie still has people talking about his flat earth idea, means he did exactly what he wanted to do 😂
Nicholas Jadvani With the earth being flat.. He should really only be about 15
Herman Mutakirwa Hbd ankle breaker…win another championship then the world will be flat!
Josue Calderon felicidades i que dios te siga bendiciendo con salud como siempre amen
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Join us in wishing NBA Champion, 10-time All-Star, 2nd all-time in NBA Assists, 3rd all-time in NBA Triple-Doubles & current Milwaukee Bucks head coach JASON KIDD a HAPPY 44th BIRTHDAY!

Ciro Orozco Ahh and these kids nowadays know him only as an 8th seed/lottery coach... this dude did some serious business troughout his (future) hof career as a player.
Igor Strogulski Growing up I wasn't much of an NBA fan but I'd always ask my dad whether Kidd has dropped any sick dimes as of late 🙂
David Palmos Guevarra At 44 years and he's still a Kid 😀
David Williams III It's a shame he wasn't able to get the Nets a championship. He was on another level with that team.
Cameron Johnson Best pg of our era over Iverson and Nash was a triple double machine and a fierce competitor happy birthday legend
Clyde Walter Gilbert Happy Birthday Mr Kidd! I pray our LORD&SAVIOR blesses you with many more and another NBA championship ♡♡♡
Marcus Hunt Wasn't he a wife-beater
Richard Bailey Let's goo Nets 5 happy Birthday Jason kidd 🏀
Alaa Dakhil The magician KIDD 🎩 A great legend ❤❤ AAmr MutrahjiSSuhale Mutrahji
Maxime Mayer #boss
David Lugo Should have put him in the Mavericks uniform
Mark Davis
Ianneiladriele Peñalba Happy birthday jason bourne
Mahmoud Qotz Happy birthday to the most complete point guard in the history
Zac Cox Favorite player of all time! HDB Kidd!!
Ao Anton muchas felicidades 🙂 🙂
Robert de Venecia Happy Birthday Jason!
Mark Davis Happy birthday Jason kldd fan
Melvin Coogler Jr. Happy bday jay kid great player and coach.
Stephen D'Alesio Happy birthday
Beatrice Calembert Happy B-day Jason 😉 Enjoy your day !!!
Serge Mibenge Berthon Happy Birthday Kidd
Markel Faulkner Pure PG!
Emmanuel Chokuba This guy has accomplished so much!
Johny Angala Happy birthday idol,,,kidd,,,
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Join us in wishing Utah Jazz All-Star Gordon Hayward a HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY!

Gabriel Gieseking Big Happy Birthday wishes to Mr.Heyward. I love watching him play. Love that competitive nature he brings to that team, and he does it all with such finess and style... Keep it movin Gordan.
Paul Lindsay Happy Birthday to every geek and nerd's (and I say that with no disrespect) favourite player.
Joseph Guevarra Best white player in the league today??
LaKhent Asia Starcraft II Terran hbd gordon keep it up....... NBA finals 2017 surprise them zerg
Alexis Ramos I swear to y'all, that after he got that smooth haircut, this dude became a great player 😂
Adrian St.Onge I really like him. I think he's pretty underrated. I think he could make a case for a top five foward.
Donnell Banks Donnell Banks: saying happy birthday to Utah jazz all star greatness Gordon Hayward 27th
Lorenzo Mesarina It's Kyrie Irving's & coach Jason Kidd's birthday too
Katy Haight Forgot you have the same birthday as him! Mere Jo Haight
Brianna Marie Jones Peter Mueller in case you and Jackson wanted to celebrate your fave player😉
Jeff Wambish Happy Birthday and thanks for squeezing the cavs to a 91 point win.
Trey Martinez THE most underrated player in the entire NBA.
Francis Peter Moralejo Mayor Happy birthday gordon hayward
Robert Neri Valencia My new favorite player until Paul George comes to LA
Kahlyl Layumas Katalbas happy birthday Mr. Underrated 👌
Luke Hughes Happy birthday Gordon Hayward
Edward Busano-Pancito Happy birthday 🎉 GH20 .....
Jake Steward Babyface killa. Giving white guys hope everywhere
O'Shea Weathersby The most cheating player on 2k 😂😂
Mark Davis
Alex Katsep Indy boy!
Faris Moussa Happy birthday
Wei Hong 生日快樂🎂
Robert de Venecia Happy Birthday Gordon!
Mark Davis Happy birthday Jon 27 fan
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The Toronto Raptors (42-29, 4th in East) visit the scorching Miami Heat (35-36, 8th in East) in a major Eastern Conference showdown with playoff implications... tonight on NBA TV!

Mc Kylle Melendez The heat can't afford to lose this one. Bc if they will, they will drop to 9th or maybe 10th. The battle for the 8th seed in the east is very hard
Sasha Petrin Check out NBA Underground for the best NBA lip readings and memes 🙂
Miles Mulligan It's crazy how the Heat could mess around and get like a 6th seed
Reginald Pippin And to think that this team wasn't supposed to contend for a Playoff spot this year...Keep winning, Heat!
Wesley DeBlock I hate to say it but go raptors! My pistons need some help
Makuochi Igwe Heat and the nuggets really are the underdog teams in the east and west respectively.
Hamid Ghori The heat without dion waiters are gonna have a tough time making the playoffs.
Tim Peters Cody Mummery another national TV game for the Raps.. can't wait for the Heat to take it down
Crisostomo Abilong Ryna elan days nlang maka. uwe na ako sa masbate sana. hndi na ako mag kasakit ulet sa manga.... taong? gomawa" neto. sa aken salamat. sau.
James Corpuz No lowry no ibaka on the raps this is going down real bad
Lakobe Lee Spermnut That's crazy cuz we was 11-30 👀👀👀👀👀 I don't think we realise how good there actually playing
Michał Kowalczyk Go Raptors! <3
NyelChristian Magat heat need to win this game. its like game 7 of nba playoffs
Daryl C Blake C'mon heatnation you can do it! #HEATNATION strong!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kyris Freeman Raptors win
Jeremy Sharkey Raptors baby.... missing our top player.. still rolling.
Melvin Chang Whiteside was injured isn't? @.@
Delores Long Sorry...I'll be watching the sweet 16 in action 😉
Gerry Balaga Lismis Push heat! #heatnation🔥 #playoff🏀
Shannon Smith LET'S GO HEAT! #HeatlePresent #PlayoffBound
Adam Frendo-Cumbo Lets go Raps
Matic Medved We hungry man
Adam Charles Stumpf Go go T O go go TO!!!!!
Michael Meissnest go heat !! 6 seed !!!
Tumelo Nkalanga Lets Go Heat!!!
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Rudy Gobert puts forth a DOMINANT performance with a career-high 35 points on 13/14 FG plus 13 rebounds & 4 blocks!

Sadrac Ochonueve Dacius No disrespect to Green or Kawhi but this guy might just be the DPOY.
Austin Connolly Rudy Gobert is a modern center no doubt. Get boards. Block shots. Occasionally run some pick and roll. Most importantly, knock down free throws (which he does well enough to actually belong on the court at the end of games).
Nico N'guessan The Jazz will be a serious outsider in playoffs with Gobzilla...
Josh Edelstein I don't think the triangle is working
Steven Bartley Again KP gets out played by another big guy....But you guy want him as option #1
Steven Bartley My poor Knicks...They make an All star even out of ordinary players, as long as they are on the other team....woe is us
Pierre Bibard Born and raised with nasty French cheese. But he has grown a lot since
Tyler Steuck All dunks and layups, nothing run for him, all created from other people's penetration. Another DeAndre Jordan
Nicolas Hypolite Karl Lav je t'ai dit qu'il allait monter en puissance
The Law Of Attraction Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.
Mitchel Pauley Jake Hutchinson give him a couple years to bulk up and watch out
John Lamb A player with a career performance against the Knicks??? First time in about 3 games
Wyatt Peterson Gobert is a beast! About time he gets some recognition!!
Shirlee Teeples Game 🏀 Rudy! DPOTY
Kyle Nielsen DPOY #takenote
Michael Kowalski best rim defender in the league today
Achille Demarquette Arnaud Cgl this IS a best
Lindsay Aull Saying hi to all the singles ladies on here
Donovan Lee "Ny is an nba punching bag team!".
Steven Bartley I hope so, I'm a KP fan...
Jake Lopez 11 of those boards were offensive
Isiah Johnson Like if you can't wait for the playoffs
Francesco Lazzarini Against the knicks everything is easier...
Marcelo Schürhaus Best defender in NBA today. Gobzilla!
Gabriel Albertelli Romain il a fait mal ton gars la
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Counting down the Top 10 Plays of the Night from an 8-game NBA Wednesday!

Tony Capece Nothing from Rudy Goberts career night? NBA sure hates its small market teams. Pathetic!
Travis Donnelly just a heads up.... mute it before u watch it....... we all know why we mute top 10 plays lets all be disappointed in silence
Duy Doan was just waiting for the announcer to drag out an R like he does every time i watch a top 10 with hes commentating so annoying
Torre Matty No play from Denver because they trashed the Cavs. Haha! The one who made this video is a butthurt James fan. Haha!
Jason Downs #3? Layup, steal and 3 from thabo gets no reaction from any fans in ATL.. no wonder Horford left
Raphael Macapagal Nice hair, nice ponytail, nice play. Saw what you did there.
Filippo Lo Yeti Guasina where is the manimal?
Lawrence Gary Hechanova Gicole That guy from Boston made it in the top plays because he was wearing Scal's jersey number.#GOAT
Franki Jei Jo Es incrible como hacen trampa y rompen las reglas en la nba que mal baloncesto es una pena... Ya no es lo mismo de antes
Elliot Hewish Tom Settimio number one play is us... Without the slam down.
Nitesh Katwal doesnt nba have good commentators?this guy sounds like so strange. the video is better without him.
Prince Macky And haters say " no way westbrook shouldnt be at number 1 he just got lucky". #Mvpwestbrook
Dillon Brown So you just forgot to put Faried dunking over most of Cleveland or Butthurt?
Aldous Raffaele Estrella That voice.
Marco Catta you forgot Mr Jokic vs LeBron James and Faried dunk
Renz Salvador Nice hair, nice pony tail, nice play. Where's the effin' connection? Smh
Russel Arnejo Why is there an AD after top 6? Like seriously? WTF???!!
Keempee Sambile The oop from LeBron should be the top 1 LoL!
Giannis Brigos Where is Papagiannis, he dunked over 3 players
Eli Paurini What is he doing getting pump faked on a Aaron Gordon 3...
Trevor Jay Slow night I guess
Aaron S. Gemora Great plays. Worst commentator.
Pablo Ignacio Vargas Carrasco Where's the goatmentator!!!!!? 😑
Roberto Martinez no love to the jazz... typical NBA.
Rafael Mahfuz
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The Denver Nuggets dominate inside with 70 points in the paint during victory vs the Cavs!

Inand Jieferson Mendoza Salanga Cavs will be the 2017 NBA Champions. like if u disagree
Connor Sanders I see you guys didn't post Jokic backing down LeBron and scoring over him.
Roger Bernuy If KD comes back fully healthy there's no way the cavs will stop the Warriors...the cavs defense has been a liability for them all this point the cavs may not even make it out of the east...
Nghia Truong This is just an example of how STRONG of the WESTERN conference teams vs. how WEAK L-Eastern have been!! As #8 seed in the West, Denver are more capable of beating the Cavs than pretty much all eastern conference teams!! It's a shame that the L-East is so BAD and have NO teams to challenge loaded rosters Cavs (and Heats then) - so LeWHINE have an easy/automatic path to the Finals on annually basis. It's impressive but very overrated feats. Seriously, it's time that the NBA should strongly reconsider RE-SEEDING their playoff formats to make it more FAIR and INTERESTING - especially for much STRONGER WESTERN conference teams!!
Dane Saisell Nuggets were only a half game ahead of Blazers and I saw Bucks on Blazers schedule and Cavs on Nuggets. I was worried. Nothing to be worried about apparently 😄👌
Tapaleao Fati Guess that disturbing thing is how the Cavs are getting mauled by Nuggets, Spurs and okc and are still number one in the east. Lebron now to me his three championships loom dodgy and suspect. I hate GSW but man the east is a rubbish dump compared to the west and if the NBA is smart will change the format. This is a sad day for NBA fans.
Kyle Luckinbill Nuggets are headed in the right direction finally 🙂 need to improve alot on Def if they're gonna make that next step tho..
Wali Rahman its definitely alarming to see cavs getting torched on D but again we talking about a team with LBJ on it. He has EARNED the right to not be judged by oct - march. He is judged by april - june. until we see live evidence of them getting whooped defensively in the playoffs, all this random chatter about how wack their defense is during the regular season is useless. wait til the playoffs and lets see.
Marcley Lauture Y'all are acting like it's crazy that nuggets beat the Cavs... they also beat the warriors earlier this season, almost blew them out in fact. This isn't telling of how the conferences are strong or not... plz calm urselves
Greg Gonzales Lebron and them got how much rest and still get blown out. Cavs are in trouble. Playoff Lebron better show up soon. Rockets just played the Nuggets 3 times this season and won every game. This isn't Lebrons year. He looks old. And Jokic is a good player and his stats show up. But after watching this guy closely on the back to back games they had with the Rockets he's a flopper. Bigger flopper than Ginobli and Anderson Varasao. Yea big shoes to fill but he filled them quick. 8 points a game from him come from flops.
Gray Igbuhay im not a lebron or cavs fan but this team cavs is resting, no intensity, sloppy defense to a point that they opposing team scored 70 points, no transition defense, poor scoring and to make it more obvious the so called king is playing, and they call him greatest player in the planet today.
O'Neal Malcolm Lol y'all probably just started to watch basket ball cavs are not fighting for no playoff spots these other teams are so of course the game is going to look like an all star game cavs slowed down because they know the playoffs is going to be a body banger
Ernesto Sanchez For all you dumbasses. You really think the cavs are not trying? They are about to lose the 1st seed meaning, no home court advantage. They are desperately trying to get 1st
Ron Pruchnicki Denver just posted the blue print on how to beat Cleveland. Keep attacking the basket, limit the 3 attempts, and hope the Cav's keep launching 3's.
Gonzo Martinovic Cristián Oliva Bilbao, lo invito a conocer la pintura mijo, hermoso como se mueven los wns Pd: Coach Stefano, Oliva debe test de cooper
Chama Nchendu Sikazwe See, we would be deceiving ourselves greatly if we so think the CaVs are gonna defend the championship, I am a cavaliers fan to the bone, but looks like Tyrone lue or LeBron James don't even know who the coach is anymore aren't seeing how horrible our defence is, and what's funny is you have moments when Lebron James is just standing there watching the nuggets players head to the rim!!!! Really King James??!! You will have yourselves to blame when you lose the championship. Our defence is pathetic, it's horrible. We keep buying players and we keep having the worst games, love is back from injury and so is smith and still nothing is working out. Oh well
Teddy AH I think this same team breaked this Season a record of Downtown pts(3pts) against one great team. Now they beat cavs by using a paint (attakin the rim). Lets congrat the coach and his staff they are technically good.
Timothy Frank Straw This is why if the warriors had of traded Green for Cousin the warriors would sweep he Cavs. Tim Woods
Christopher White People act like these games really matter just y'all counted them out last all year and then boom NBA champions arose people couldn't wait until loss defend the land
Michael Hosie Im just saying that the nuggets won my 16-17 championship on nba2k17, clearly its happening irl
Dewayne BabyJordan Winfield Denver nuggets was not playing with Cleveland caves😮😮😮they did that champions dirty😮😮😮😮😮😯😯😯😯😁😁😁😁
Lyle La Madrid Justin Ong panuorin mo si love at TT sa ilalim hahaha
Javier Silverio Si Kevin love no quiere jugar en Cleveland que se valla. Porque él no quiere defender esa mujersita
DM I don't let this post distract me from the fact that my warriors took an L with this nuggets too
Ryan Meana Reyniel Mark Malenab eww Cleveland is trash, Eastern conf. champs should be neither Celtics or Raptors, they overrated af
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