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Philip Rivers has a new target.

And his name is Mike Williams. 👀 #NFLDraft

Timothy Hudson and the bears traded 4 picks to switch spots with 49ers to draft a QB with 13 starts.. Sorry i had to say this. Lord jesus that was dumb
Timothy Hudson because his other target keenan allen cant stay healthy. I called them drafting a WR when I saw how many people were taking offensive players so early in the draft
David Brown Chargers should've drafted a QB. Phillip is now "Old Man Rivers".
Matthew Hoel Maybe I'll draft him over Allen in fantasy given the other dude can't stay on the field
Jon Sweitzer Well...THAT should put them over the top, huh?
Joey Poole How does Philip Rivers throw through Time and Space?! *mind blown*
Andrew Silverman problem is can he throw from his back?
Nathaniel Tolliver They should have drafted a defensive playmaker.
Malik Jaccson Best WR duo in the NFL
Josh Brewer too bad he wont have anytime to throw to him with that garbage Oline
Jacob Seamons So much negativity like a bunch of old women
Jason Tong He has to hit the target though....
Ed Ritchotte Jr. Only problem is Rivers still sucks
Jack Webson Every WR named Mike Williams sucks
Michael McHugh Liam Reilly yr a happy man now
Eric Santos Old man Rivers ain't gonna last. RN4L!
Justin Prochnow And the Chargers will still suck
JR Salinas Lame
Cody Clothier ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Fabian Ga Jens Seidel 😏
Patrick Saitaua Kennach Fua Kennach
Denilson Raadwijk Kyei
Wesley Mason Brayden McKibbon
Mohamed Hamido Jason Ciano
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The No. 1 overall pick is ready to make a big impact on the Cleveland Browns.

John Botello I'm pretty sure that's what every other player said after getting drafted by the Browns in the first round
Ted Faas That look on his face is awfully similar to the guy who discovers that his blind date isn't pretty, but pretends he's excited to meet her so he won't hurt her feelings.
David Sarandria Browns played the 1st round of the draft really well... I wouldn't be surprised that they turn things around within the next 3 years.
David Erich Sanchez Everyone saying RIP Myles Garrett clearly doesn't know football. He's a defensive end in a 4-3 he has outside contain and rushers the passer basically every play. It's him vs the man in front of him. The rest of the team has no impact on how he does his job. He will make an immediate impact and definitely win the browns some games.
Justin Schmierer Cleveland, where players careers go to die! In all seriousness it would be nice to see Cleveland out of the cellar and not with a top 5 pick for once.
Andrew Lee He got 4 1/2 sacks against that San Antonio College team...the only problem is, he's playing for what amounts to that San Antonio College team.
Cody Heyboer Cleveland had a good first round n re worked their o line in FA. Cleveland might surprise some teams this year.
Charles MacDermid I'm not a Browns fan in any way but this draft has them finally trending in the right direction
Quentin Sanders Everyone says this after getting drafted or traded to Cleveland dude.
Roo Ruiz With the number 1 pick of the draft, The Cleveland browns select:
Eric Guilmette Browns had a good 1st round draft last night the Bears screwed up and over paid to move up 1 spot in the draft
Julie Ann Ramirez all the players that go to the browns say that! 😅😅😅😅 where arw they now?
Diego Ortiz He'll turn it around by going 3-13 this year,instead of 1-15.
Ricardo Kincanek No QB, yes. But Brownies have like 3 first round picks next year and the QB class looks MUCH better.
David Brown "Lord have mercy on my soul."
Josh Smith Yea, you maybe can sack a qb from time to time......thats not.gonna turn the browns around......
Chris Slater Isn't that what Johnny manziel said but look where he ended up!!
Andrew Small I'm pretty sure that it's just build at this point. To rebuild, you would have to have been good in recent memory
Frank Sterling I hope he can get 4-5 pick-6's a game. Thats the only way the browns are winning.
Andy Vic I love how his face says "I'm playing for the browns, but Atleast I'm going to make alot of money!"
Charles Raleigh At least they didn't draft another qb that's going to be a big time bust
Andrew Burr Raymond Nadeau Daniel Buxton I don't really think that's possible 😂😂
Mario Hermosillo Isaac, su cara de "chingado.. con los browns..."
Kristyn Marano The smile does not indicate someone that is optimistic! Just that I have to smile for the camera.
Alex Garza That's his "Why didn't you mortgage the house to get me, Jerry?" face.
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*Fast Forward to the 2017 season*

Jameis Winston finds OJ Howard across the middle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers TD! #NFLDraft

Chris Sims Can't wait till Reuben Foster plugs him in the chest... oh wait nvmd. Thanks Saints!! Enjoy playing against Manti Teo and the 32nd ranked defense OJ!!
Ben Benny S Stephens Buccs looking decent for this year! Winston, Sims, Martin, Evans, Jackson & Howard!
J.j. Wiest Unreal that he fell to 19. Can't wait to see him in a Bucs uni. Go Bucs!
William Solo I hope they end up getting Cook as well. If not, Kumara would also be nice.
Adam Meyer Imagine if they trade up to get Dalvin Cook. Michael Triebsch
Kory Isaiah King Oj Howard goes across the middle fumble I think the panthers have it big hit by Luke as the fans chant his name luuuuuuuuuke
Patrick Budde And they still don't win the NFC south
Joseph Robinson Being a Raiders fan this was a great pick up for Tampa
Chris Chambers These mashup videos are pathetic.. what are you doing?
Victor Salinas WANT TACO
Carlos Garcia Fast forward to my nuts.
DomenzenCs #Wattch_m0vie21
Dennis Rivera Go Bucs! SB champs in 2 years.
Cesar Anthony They weren't ready.
Jesse Parhar 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trevor Garmon Shawnesia Bryant Patrick Hay
Jan-philipp Engel Tibor Muller
James Holding James Simpson
Jordan Johnson Joseph Colbert
Andrew Marley Josh Greer Chase Vogt
Riza Ekmekci Miles Ayotte
Matt Jimenez Kathy Jimenez
Marvin Williams Bobby Livinlegend Washington Ronnette Graham-Ross
Denilson Raadwijk Kyei
Richard Drayer Ryan
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When the Houston Texans moved up for Deshaun Watson?

Andre Johnson was like 😄😄😄. (via GMFB) #NFLDraft

Alonzo T. Fells II Johnson is happy that Hopkins won't have to go through the same bs at QB like he did. Everybody complains that Watson had everything at Clemson, which made him successful. Guess what? He has everything at Houston as well. As a Bears fan, he will be great, especially having 3 years under his belt.
Christopher Paschalis Lmfao of course we draft a qb in the first round two weeks after he retires
Chris Authement Class act giving a little credit where it's due. As long as he isn't asked to carry the team, which he shouldn't be, Watson could potentially be the future of the franchise. With a little polishing he will be a really good NFL quarterback.
Phil Lee Wesley Tin nok musta been smiling too. I think deshaun is pretty trash but he has proven he can throw prayers up to his big wr lmao
Nick Leggit Someone tell Andre Johnson he doesn't play for the Texans anymore
Cameron Crowley Now they wanna draft a potential franchise after the man done retired lol
Matthew Tones Not sure how he will pan out, but the guy has a great story and I hope he succeeds.
Anthony Rivera Doesn't he look a bit like Joe Johnson lol
Demetria Meache' Lyons Brock will be better in Cleveland. He just didn't fit in with Houston
Thomas Wolk Deshaun Watson I'm shocked that your not in a 49ers uniform because you will do well with the 49ers.
Nathan Edwards
Carlos Garcia
James Gotti Nice move. What did Houston give up though?
JR Salinas He sucks, going to be a bust
Pascal Sylvain Gabriel Sylvain
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The Kansas City Chiefs have an entrenched starting QB.

They now have a rookie who wants to pick his brain, too. #NFLDraft

John Huff You want to know what he's really thinking? Thank god I got drafted by this team because beating Alex "short yardage" smith should be a breeze
Jeff Pride Alex smith doesn't even throw to wide receivers lol, it's check downs to running backs and Travis Kelce
Josh Rees Everyone on this thread bashing Alex Smith obviously cannot appreciate what he has done for the Chiefs organization. We were dismal before he arrived and we have made the playoffs the last few years because of his leadership. Alex Smith isn't a gunslinger however he has a great football IQ and Mahomes will learn to be a more balanced player under him. Smith is a stand up guy on and off the field he will be a great mentor and Mahomes will benefit tremendously. Go CHIEFS!!
Dakota Stiles This was the dumbest move by far. A playoff team who could use a key piece to push them over the hump decided to burn their first round pick on a backup QB and destroy the future of the team by getting rid of next year's first rounder. I really don't understand this. The Chiefs didn't even get any better. If anything they just got worse because every other team got a player they actually need. Dumbest move by far last night.
Randy Blake He's saying the right things. That means he's a team player. He can handle media interviews and is smart enough to butter his own bread. No matter what he would say, someone would have a negative comment. Fact is chiefs are a quality organization and have as strong a chance as anyone else to make a run through the superbowl. And even when they do make it, some people will say it's just luck. Screw those people.
John Gibbens The chances of this guy succeeding are very slim. The only reason these guys get a second look is their gaudy numbers. There has never been a successful Air Raid QB in the NFL.
Bryce Sisson Yall can talk all the smack you want on Alex Smith but the man has done but help the Chiefs win games sense he joined the team. He may be a boring QB but he gets the job done.
Mel Mellennium What this rookie QB need to do is compete and beat Alex Smith for the starting position, because is time for a QB Change! the Chiefs cannot go all the way with Alex Smith.
Dakota Browning Polar opposites. I hope this guy wins the starting job so maybe KC will actually do something in the playoffs for once.
Phil Williamson Alex Smith isn't going to want to help him at all.
Mark Smith so glad KC got him, we will own the division for years to come! RAIDERS!
David Brown Alex Smith isn't going to help you lol he wants to keep his job away from Mahomes.
Mike Verville Nobody can teach how to get QB concussions like Alex Smith.
William Arnold Being a Niner fan, Alex annoyed me too. Watch his tape from Utah, he used to sling it downfield all the time!
Duje Granić I would be depressed if i had to learn from alex smith
Andrés-Andy DuPrey Im Chargers guy and i hate play vs Alex Smith.. he's a game manager plain and simple
Jacob Hobbs Will learn "check it down"
Justin Rodgers Sit behind Alex Smith for 4 years, then let the Houston Texans give you a contract for $72 million.
Aaron Gamez "The first thing you're going to need to learn is how to check down in every situation!" -Alex Smith
Nicholas Hostvik Lol wow the chiefs gave up a lot. Honestly, the Bears made the better move.
Victor Carneiro Gonna learn how to throw 1 yard passes
Jesse Kretkowski Lmfao I remember when it came to Brett Favre mentoring aaron rodgers, he said I'm not a coach
VamZoo Thao And then Alex Smith gets benched! "It's gonna be awesome, knowing Alex Smith is backing you up!"
Caleb Riley Guns Up 💪
Ron King No, really it's not.
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From one QB selected No. 2 overall to another...

Mitchell Trubisky better listen to this advice from Carson Wentz. (via GMFB)

Thomas Quintana "Make sure you know the team's valet. Don't hand your car keys to someone just because they're wearing a Bears jacket, they're probably trying to steal your car."
Jayce Cornell
Nathaniel Tolliver I still don't get it. I just don't get it. Why they traded up for him that is. Lol
Shaun Trent Traded up 1 spot to get a guy the 49ers weren't even going to draft. Genius move.
Barry Sullivan Now, not sure if you are interested, but Nicco Long throws a fair ball. We are known as "Thunder & Lightning". He's lightning, obviously, as I have weight issues so clearly the heavier one. What do you think? Anyone fancy a ball fling?
Nicco Long Carson reckons he's the Boz-Boz but dankness got the best of him and consumed his soul to oblivion. I look forward to seeing Rooney and his boys giving them a fair game next weekend
Ben Kelner
Matt Collura Eagles fans are just mad they didn't Draft Dak or Zeke
Marcus Jepsen Why? It's not like Wentz is a good QB who knows what he's doing. If I was Trubisky, I would try listening to advice from a real quarterback.
Charles Raleigh He said thank god you play the Packers and Lions, their defenses will fuel the hype train then it will derail in Minnesota
Michael Wells Because wentzs career is so awesome?
Mooka Jesus Wins Bears just announce Glennon the starter this season . offensive tackle at 2 , 😓 waste of pik
James Gotti Moment of silence for Bears fans............
Carlos Garcia
Jordan Kach I said it all along, trubisky is better than Watson
Glenn Alan Miller Make sure you learn how to hard count kid lol
Christopher S Holbrook Poor guy has to face the Vikings D twice a year. Lmao
Regis Taraare "Hi-5 we missed the Browns"
Greg Perkins He said, hey man dont throw interceptions like me lol
Stephen Patrick Hatmaker Like what a hard count is?
Zach Ives Some career advice? In his one year he's been playing? Ok
Albert Bunch They both Suck! BRONCOS!!!
Chris Suggs From 1 bum to another
Jason Bell Rent don't buy
Mike Portanova Why Carson wentz was a 7-9 qb on a really good team
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Trade Alert... Coming Soon?!

James Gotti Trade with Chicago . They'll give you next years entire draft Lmao
Brian Parsa BREAKING: Redskins trade Matt Jones to the Cleveland Browns for a bag of chex mix.
Brad Mitchell They're trading Jones to bring back Riggo . NFL wouldn't know what hit 'em if there was still even ONE RB like John Riggins . #returnofthehogs🐽🐽
Nathaniel Plymel Chicagos first round draft results
Will Kearney Just like when Ian Rapaport (also from NFL) reported that Cleveland was trading for Kirk Cousins?
Alex Aranda Draft is too deep for RBs. Theyd b lucky to get a 5th rounder for him.
Ryan Delair Anyone still happy you kept him over Alfred Morris? I know I'm not
Gary Leitch We will probably need to give away our 2nd round pick just for anyone to take him
Jason Michael Balk Should offer the packers him with a sweetener pick like 4th round maybe another addition late round to move up
Ben Kelner
Joey Alexander Caudill I thought that was Rob Kelley for a second. I was about to be like YO PHILLY SIGN THAT MAN
Mark Boczar My guess is they think they will draft dalvin cook which is possible
Derick Titus Who wants a bust?
David Zabel The Bears have offered four picks for him.
Ofa Filimoeatu Junior Togiai matt jones available
Wes Pavlicek Casey Pavlicek Dallas rb2 after this year?
Mike Dimatteo Paul it's your favorite player!
John Joseph Art Monk for the Bears next 4 rounds
Connor Alcock What a bunch of jabronis. 😆
David Erich Sanchez Dude is a beast I'd love if my ravens got him
Mark Larsen 2 snickers & pack of smokes !! This dude is a fumbling machine
JO Calzada Sounds like Dalvin Cook could be coming to D.C👏
Arsen Jan Babayan Never heard of her...
Eric Sanders
Eric Sanders
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39. New York Jets: Dalvin Cook (Florida State Seminoles Football)
62. Pittsburgh Steelers: DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame Football)
96. New England Patriots: Jalen "Teez" Tabor (Florida Gators Football)
FULL: 👇👇👇

Rob Chapman LOL, because y'all were so accurate with the first round. The experts know as much as the average fan.
Nicholas Burruel No way Kizer is falling to the Stealers. My Cardinals will be jumping for joy if he is still there at 45. There whole plan was to grab one of the defensive studs in the first round and pray that Kizer or Mahomes were still there in the second.
Jared Schaaf Marcus McCauley this may be the stupidest mock draft I have ever seen. How are you that dumb after seeing round 1. If the Packers dropped to take a linebacker when foster and watt were available Ted Thompson should be canned immediately.
Joseph Ruiz Patriots need pass rush help. No sense in them wasting a pick on a CB. They may need a Safety, but, I could see them trading up from pick 72 into the 2nd round and nab a DE like Jordan Willis, Dereck Rivers, or Demarcus Walker.
Darby Wall Jethro Kamba-Wall as much as I like him as a player... No friggin way Miami passes up defense to pick a RB/WR. WTF? I seriously hate mock drafts. It's like these guys don't even research the teams rosters.
Bryce Nichols What happened to Teez Tabor? He and Quincy Wilson got so much hype to go in the first round and now everyone is saying the 3rd round??? Dalvin Cook too. Some people had him going 6th, and now he's projected 39.
Jordan Handley Sam White on this texans projected pick did you see the video the other day of him.. his 5 week old kid died didn't tell anyone and still had a good year felt rate bad for poor lad
Tom Beck I know I'm going to get a lot of hate and negative responses but if the jets get cook and drop forte I feel it could be a positive for the future forte didn't do much to impress me out with the old in with the new
Anthony Pelle This is a bad mock draft because they dont have my giants going completely off everyone's draft board and reaching for a terrible player. #laremytunsilshouldbeagiant#engramwillnotwinyouthesuperbowl
AJ Callaghan Uh so the Saints draft a safety and nothing but offense after that (they already have Vaccaro, Bush, Bell and others) when they still need an edge rusher? This is more of a mockery than a mock draft
Brian Stevens Hooker had 1 year as well as taco. And watt has played, but only as a star this season. His draft is based on everyone being afraid to overlook him like they did his brother. Oh, and your not a analyst, stop trying to sound like Mel kiper on a Facebook post.
Dennis Halpain Round 1 Winners and Losers from the opening night of the NFL Draft... WINNERS Cleveland- The Browns avoided reaching for a QB and added Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, and David Njoku. Nice haul. San Fransisco- The 49ers also steered clear of chasing a "franchise" QB and managed to buttfuck the Bears in the process. For their efforts, they were rewarded with DL Solomon Thomas, the player they wanted all along at 2, and Rueben Foster, a top 10 talent, at 31. John Lynch looks like a genius. Indianapolis- The Colts defensive facelift continues with the addition of FS Malik Hooker, a top 5 talent who inexplicably fell in their laps at 15. Tampa Bay- The Bucs gave Jameis Winston another target in TE O.J. Howard, one of the draft's safer picks and a steal at 19. Oakland- The Raiders ignored the controversy regarding CB Gareon Conley and took the former Buckeye at 24. An already stout defense just got better. Seattle- The Seahawks moved down twice, added 3 draft picks, and now own the 34th pick overall. Top targets Kevin King, Obi Melifonwu, as well as OL Forrest Lamp and Cam Robinson, are still available. Well played, Mr. Schneider... LOSERS Chicago- The Bears gave up 3 draft picks and moved up 1 spot to take a QB with 13 career starts who doesn't know what a hard count is. This is why they're the Bears. Cincinnati- John Ross at 9 was the biggest risk in the draft. Period. Buffalo - The Bills reached for CB Tre'Davius White at 27, a round 2 talent on most boards, over the likes of TE David Njoku and OLB T.J. Watt. Dallas- The Cowboys selected Taco Charlton, a DE with one year of production on tape, at 28 over more proven pass rushers T.J. Watt and Jordan Willis, as well as uber-athletic safety Obi Melifonwu.
Drew Deeds This guy is a joke. The Rams have a great defense and need WR help, but yeah they're gonna go defense on both picks today. Lol
Bruce Connolly Since the first rd mocks were bad, this guy decides to increase the experts stupidly.... terrible picks here
Ryan Steiger Why is Jalen Tabor falling so far? Is his slow 40 time that big of adeal? I remember during the season he was top 1-3 DB coming out year...
Billy Sombrero There's no way the Bears take a corner, if they don't trade the pick, it will either be Jones, Williams or surprise everyone again and take Westbrook.
Nicholas John No way the Packers reach on Bowser. Not with serious issues at CB and RB. It'll be Cook or Mixon at 33 and that's if Ted doesn't trade down again.
Joseph Wilcox When the Packers pick Cook everyone will regret letting Aaron Rodgers having another weapon. That team will be scary good if they draft Cook with the first pick of the 2nd.
Dean Stevenson Just stop you guys were so off the mark last night it wasnt funny. Just watch and comment as it guys you really have no idea who is going to pick anything
Gerald Larkin Jr Stay on the defensive side of the ball Walker from FSU or a corner. To many free agent qb coming up and next year's qb class is way better then this years.
Chad Rapp Yeah all you so called experts were right on the money with your first Mock drafts. I need that job. What was with Mel Kipers glasses last night, I don't think they fit right.
Michael Beverly Not understanding why my redskins always don't get a real good running back instead of getting no names been this way since Clinton left my skins I mean come on man.
Jacob Yancey Just when I thought no more mock drafts y'all keep beating the dead horse
Seamus Waters Steelers aren't going Offense till Round 3, and I hope it'll be Josh Dobbs I think he's a better QB than Deshone Kizer
Belányi József the Saints need a pass rusher badly, so a safety and then a wr?
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Plenty of big names are still hanging around.

Here's who's left in Rounds 2-3. 👇 #NFLDraft

Bill Evans you know what I love best about the NFL site? They don't play you and try to have you subscribe to stupid insider like ESPN
Emrik Solymar I really want my Niners to trade back into the second round (packers are rumored to be willing to trade away #33) and get Kizer. If he is coached correctly, I believe he can be really great. + we need a QB
Scott Mello We need to petition the NFL to let Taco Charlton of the cowboys use his first name on the back of his jersey.
Tyrelle Davenport Forrest Lamp to the Rams. And if The Browns are smart they'll draft Cook.
Mark Boczar Kizer was a hyped up man. NOT a big name left. Dalvin Cook should be on here.
Jason Bearden Ricky Jason Aubrey Marcus. secondary plenty deep. Should get a good one
Charles MacDermid I just hope the Cowboys can add a playmaker in day two and then sign Revis to a prove it deal in the next few days
John Hurley I sure hope the Bengals know what they are doing with Ross.
Lucas Voelker Don't overlook D'Onta Foreman from Texas.
Cj Lambert Bears are the new Browns.
Jim Murphy Now is the time for the Bills to step up to the plate at#33...Roll the dice, get some nads!!!!
Brian Fritts Where is Mixon?
Marco A. Arguilez Joe Mixon to San Quentin in the early 3rd Round!
Alejandro Jiménez
Dominique Bouchard Mixon anyone??
John Lewis How is Chad Kelly not on this list?
Mike Lander
Nate Froehner So joe mixon isn't even on this list...
Timo Tellem Simon Klepatz
Tom Parry Callum Hemming
Marius Dünschede Raffaele Acquaro
Robin Mölle Moritz Coerdt, Jonas Mölle
Marius Stokker Ole-Kristoffer Evensen
Jonathan Amaya Matthew Franck
Jason Mcgurn Eric Perez
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Three surprising trades led to three quarterbacks being taken within the first 12 picks of the 2017 #NFLDraft.

Scott Harrison My team has now taken the title of "Biggest Joke in the NFL" from the Browns.
Tori Novitski Not even a Bears fan, but I hate that trade. I think other teams were trying to move up for Trubisky and Chicago got spooked, but they gave up too much for a guy I don't think the 49ers even wanted.
Lance Lindstrom Honestly the bears could have just waited for there turn very unlikely that QB is selected by the 49ners. But it is what it is I'm a Lions fan, and it'll come down how the kid will perform
Orlando Chico Zavallos Brian Hoyer, and Matt Barkley gives you what you need at QB? Or, was the goal just to try and stack some picks for a garbage team, and hope for the best? Only a season will tell.
Jory LaFountain We're all clowning on the Bears but look at the draft and listen to Lynchs press conference afterwards there were multiple teams that were willing to pay that. Just looks bad cause they were right behind the niners.
Ben Koz Man Bears out Browned the Browns.
Jeffery Chapman These so-called "experts" are terrible at predicting drafts. Hasn't history showed that team front offices will mortgage their souls for a quarterback? Quarterbacks will always rule the first round. Even unproven, unpolished picks like trubisky.
Arsen Jan Babayan Thanks a lot Bears you just gave my Lions 2 easy wins this year!
Michael A Lashock Desparation makes some real stupid I guess, 3 mid round qbs in the top half of the
Mairon Emmanuel Loaiza Monge The Bears have secured to hold the "0-16 record Championship" in NFC North
Joel Mejer
Jeff Laidlaw VERY happy all these teams over reached on QB's. Saints landed Lattimore!!!
Ronald S Burse Wait. Didn't the Bears just sign Mark Sanchez and hype it up???
Damian Gregorski It's going to be hilarious when this kid out of nowhere is amazing. Why doubt the success of someone else let's see what he's got in him first!
Garrett Anderson Browns and 49ers made some good moves, and made solid picks. The Bears won worst pick of the night.
Jack Price #riskitfortrubisket
Steve Seckold If he doesn't pan out then Chicago Browns it is. I think he will do well.
Melissa Capaccio Browns cleaned up last night. Now if they don't get a winning record at least somewhat this coming up season they need a whole new front office
Gary James Barnes Im waiting for them to announce that it was an elaborate joke and that we didnt really give up three picks for trubisky.
Nick Boyd We love the bears -packer fans!
Kristopher Clark
Chandler Lorentz Bears secured last in the NFC North yet again.
Nathan Fawley Steven Tait give this one a read mate!
Denilson Figueiredo Bears to pick 1 in 2018
Nicholas Gallant Poor bears fans.
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